My beautiful new Marcie!

  1. She's finally here! :yahoo: She is absolutely gorgeous and I am in love! :love::woot:

    I got the Medium Marcie with crossbody strap in Tan. I can't believe how soft and light she is! And the smell....oh so heavenly. :cloud9: She is roomier than I expected and just so perfect.


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  2. By the way, should I waterproof her? She is made of 100% calfskin, but different from my Paraty. My Paraty has a slight sheen and has stood up to rain without any waterproofing. But the leather on Marcie is matte and smoother to the touch. I am a bit worried about water stains and the like. :wondering Hope someone can give me some info on this!
  3. :woohoo: Congrats Baglover, she's a beauty :ps:! Wear her in good health and enjoy :biggrin:. Let's see some modelling pics too.

    Whenever I've asked Chloe about waterproofing their bags, they always seem to be very non-commital about it, but I always do it regardless, especially on light coloured bags.

    I used Collonil Waterstop Spray ( the product that Mulberry recommend for their bags) on my 'Nut' Marcie and it worked like a charm and didn't leave any residual marks. I've also used the Nubuck equivalent on my suede Marcie.

    Probably best to get a few other opinions before you take any action, but that would be my advice anyway.
  4. That is a gorgeous color! Congrats on a beauty!
  5. Beautiful! Congrats!
  6. That color is just beautiful! I love this bag. How nice you can carry it so many different ways too! Any mod pics? :biggrin:

  7. Very beautiful! I love that bag! Congrats & enjoy!
  8. Wow baglover congratuations!!! Look at that leather, she's gorgeous! That crossbody strap will come in so handy, congratulations on finding it!
  9. Congrats! Beautiful bag!
  10. Thank you, everyone! :blush: She really is beautiful, she actually exceeded my expectations!

    By the way, can I use Apple Rain and Stain Spray on her or do I just leave her alone? There's no Collonil Waterstop Spray (as mentioned by Tagullah) here where I live. :-s
  11. You might be able to get Collonil on eBay - worth a a try maybe ( and before anyone asks, no I don't have shares in Collonil :p).
  12. congrats, OP! You have the marcie of my dreams!

    How roomy is this small size? I'd love to sling it messenger style, also shoulder bag style. It seems the perfect casual yet nice shape bag to me. And is the color as delish irl as it looks on pics? I really need to get my butt to the Chloe boutique...Thanks!
  13. Congrats! Your Tan Marcie is gorgeous, and I could just take a bite out of that leather!!!
    Enjoy it! (I haven't waterproofed mine, but I don't use my good bags when it rains, which is not often here)
  14. Gorgeous bag! Love the color. Congrats!
  15. Lovely!