My beautiful Mulberry Collection ❤️

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  1. I love the blonde Mulberry bags as well. I’ll probably never see any in person so I’m happy to see your pictures.
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  2. Woweeee what a stunning collection!
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  3. Great collection! :tup: Fab blue!
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  4. Wooww what a amazing collection!! Love the bayswater so much! Unfortunately, it does not fit me/ my style!!it just does not look good on me!!
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  5. Electric bays is fabulous!! I just love the Bayswater style.
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  6. I hope you are all doing well, and I wish you all a happy and healthy festive season. Whilst I have a little time off, I thought I’d clean some of my collection. There are a few additions that have not yet been revealed... I’ll endeavour to clean the rest and then post them in here. Enjoy!







  7. What lovely new purchases! Hope you had a lovely Christmas.
  8. You have some fabulous vintage styles there, RC; is that an Annie?
  9. What a lovely collection! thank you for sharing
  10. Truly a classic Mulberry collection with so many lesser-spotted styles! I love seeing the older styles which were so beautiful!
  11. A revised showing of my current collection....4 groups.....
    Somerset totes in black and brown and a Somerset hobo. 20190205_150924.jpg
  12. Oak Darwin vintage models Jamie handheld and Euston.... 20190205_151206.jpg
  13. Navy Croc Roxette, Leopard Rosie, and clay Marylebone. ... 20190205_151401.jpg
  14. And finally.....
    Mulberry tree Tamara scarves, eggplant pouch and continental wallet purse, and small black logo tote
  15. love the electric blue!!