my beautiful LARGE prada bag !

  1. Got this baby for Christmas, and I think it is lovely.
    how do you like it?
  2. Looks gorgeous on you!
  3. It looks fabulous -- Merry Merry !!
  4. Wow! Gorgeous bag and looks FAAAAAAAAAAABULOUs on you!
  5. thank you!
  6. Nice bag, enjoy
  7. Love your bag! Very nice pic!
  8. WOW!!!!! Just love that!! Can't see the modeling pic....I'm at work and can't always see pics (?!) Shoot!!! Have to check at home....Love your bag though..Congrats!!
  9. Looks great on you, enjoy!
  10. both ur bag and u look so beautiful!!!!
  11. very gorgeous. VERY jealous.
  12. thanks again =)
  13. i love it!! the leather looks soft and amazing!
  14. I absolutely love the pleats on this bag. So classy. You look like a professional model.