My beautiful jaune poussin !!!

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  1. Eventually I added a yellow bag to my collection.
    This is my City RH Jaune Poussin which arrived today from Cannes (Sebastien).
    The leather is very nice and not dry at all. The tassels are really dry though!
    Anyway I really love this color.[​IMG]
  2. Lovely, congrats!! Is the leather soft and chewey? I love the thicker the better!
  3. I would love one of these bags... The leather looks so buttery soft.
  4. congrats
  5. Great color... Love it with RH. It really makes the color pop... :yes:
  6. Yes, I also preferred the RH for the same reason.
    The leather is thick but not dry. Only the tassels are really dry, you can almost hear them crack as you pull. I will have to moisturize them a lllllot immediately.

  7. Well at least the bag itself is thick and not dry, that's 70% of the battle! Def moisturize those tassels though, no cracking!
  8. Really stunning! Congrats!
  9. So interesting and vibrant. Congrats!
  10. I have the same bag on the way!:woohoo: Which product do you plan to use for moisturizing? I have mostly darker bags, so I am very interested in what to use on a light bag.
  11. Such a great yellow! Love it :loveeyes:!
  12. same question for a light bag:P
  13. Congrats!!
  14. That is a great shade of yellow! congrats.
  15. Great bag!
    I used leather honey on my rose bombon City, and at first I panicked as I was rubbing it in, because all the veins in the leather became very prominent and DARK. I thought I had ruined it, but alas, it dried normal and was very supple--no harm done!