My beautiful cat has been so ill...and I have been so scared.

Sep 15, 2006
I have had just about the worst week.
My beautiful boy, Clyde, who has just turned 15 (those of you who have read the "love of your life" thread will know he is the feline love of my life) almost died.

Anyway, last Sunday he kept trying to use his kitty tray, but nothing was happening when he got there.
He kept this up for a couple of hours, with me getting more and more frantic, and then went into dazed state (him , not me...although I was close behind).
I've just broken up with stupid boyfriend, all alone and absolutely terrified, I managed to convince the local cab firm to take us to the emergency vet where Clyde had to undergo emergency treatment for a blocked bladder.
The few hours I left him were dreadful, I've never cried so much.
Thank God, he pulled through.
Since then, we've been back twice to his usual vet, who told me I'd saved my boy's life (am crying as I write this), and that Clyde will need a bladder scan early next year and he'll on prescription food and mediciation for the rest of his life.
His illness has knocked me sideways, I can't think of anything but how he almost died....and how scared I am that one day he'll be gone.
Is this normal?
Nobody else seems to understand....
Anyway, just to say please send good thoughts to us for his continuing recovery, I can't tell you how grateful I am that he is still with me.
Thanks, everyone.
Sending good thoughts to Clyde and yourself. I actually prefer the company of cats and dogs (don't keep any now, though) to that of human beings (my mum, bro and sis excepted) so I think your feelings are normal and understandable.
I am so sorry to read about this, I know Clyde is the love of your life, this must have been so scarey for you being all alone and having to deal with this. You have been amazing, you save that little boy life. You need to take a deep breath and think how lucky you are, a lot of animals have to be on perscription food for life it will be OK, he will soon get use to it and with a brilliant "mum" like you looking after him and giving him lots of love and cuddles I am sure you will have many happy years with him. Take each day you have him as a blessing do not think or dwell on what might happen way in the future.
Of course your feelings are normal. He's been with you so long--you're probably closer to Clyde than most poeple! If you weren't such a good mommy for him, he wouldn't have made it this long. I pray that he's not seriously ill, but our animals have to leave us sometime. We don't want them to suffer. We all completely understand how you are feeling--it's so hard. In the meantime, I'm sending prayers to you and Clyde for healing.
I'm really sorry to hear about this, I know it must be really hard. Thank god that you took him to the vet when you did and he will be okay! Sending well wishes and good thoughts his way!
I just lost my beloved KeeKee to renal failure on Sat. Dec. 16...and am heartbroken. But I just wanted to reassure you that male cats usually do fine on prescription food. KeeKee had two urinary infections when he was very young and was on special prescription food for the rest of his 15 years...and did very well. I hope that your little guy is doing much better.
Positive vibes to Clyde for a speedy recovery!!!

It's difficult for somebody who doesn't have pets to understand how attached one can become to them and how painful their loss can be.

You're a great mommy for Clyde!
Your feelings are totally normal and nothing to feel funny about, hon. Pets become a part of your family, I know my dog is. My husband always says that the day my dog dies is the day he puts me to sleep b/c I will be such a basketcase!

I'm so glad Clyde is doing better...It must have been so frightening. Hugs to you!!!!
You and baby Clyde are in my thoughts too. there is absolutely nothing abnormal about your love and attachment to Clyde. It makes perfect sense. Animals are a true blessing from God, and our ability to transcend our own species and love another is another blessing and sign of how evolved we are as living creatures. It's easy to love your own, but to bond with and care for another species is divine!

I hope Clyde recovers fully and responds well to treatment.
Oh sweetie I know EXACTLY how you are feeling.

Pets are more than just animals--they really become your best friends and children!

I will keep Clyde in my prayers.

I am sure he will be all right!! My thoughts are with you :smile:
I am glad Clyde pulled through surgery. Is he at home with you now?

My cat Wrigley got blocked a year ago, too... I caught him in the very early stage so we were able to 'unblocked' it manually, and he has been fine since (I am a veterinary technician, so I immediately knew he had a problem when he kept trying to pee but nothing was coming and cried in the litterbox). Although I watch him when he pees like a hawk! As you have heard already, unfortunately this is fairly common in boy kitties because of anatomy. You just have to feed him more canned food, i.e. good way for him to get more water with his diet, and depending on what kinds of crystals caused the 'plug', you feed an appropriate diet that either makes the urine acidic or alkaline. If you don't already, get him those water fountains and put lots of water sources around the house to encourage him to drink more water.

I don't think your reactions are abnormal at all. You love your kitty very much...
Oh I am sorry fopr what you are going through! I really hope, well I know Clyde will get better. Now it is time for you to calm down a little, and relax. At least the really bad stuff is gone now! He will recover fast! Give him lots, and lots of love, and kisses!