My Beautiful Blondie found its matching shoes!

  1. :love: :love: :heart: :heart: :heart: :drool: :yahoo:
  2. Those are HOT...CONGRATS! You find all the best blondie items!
  3. Congrats, the set is beautiful.... speaking of matching sets, I managed to find the wallet that goes with my bowler.
  4. Love the GG Logo.. they are both beautiful.. Congrats!
  5. absolutely beautiful :yes:
  6. Those are so nice! I especially love the shoes! :heart:
  7. Thank you!:shame:
  8. No you didn't!?:nuts: :nuts: Congrats!!! Can you post pics?
  9. Both your bag and shoes are so gorgeous.

    How high is the heel on your shoes? I love them but I really can't wear more than a 2" heel and I think they're probably over that.

  10. I'm short so I wear over 3" all the time. They are high - about 3.5"
  11. Very nice!:yes:
  12. :yahoo: OMG ... That is HOT! I love stuff that matches! Congrats thithi on the wallet! Enjoy! :heart: Emmy
  13. Love them!!!! congrats!
  14. STUNNNNNNNING :wtf::wtf:

    Congrats :yahoo::yahoo:
  15. Looks like a match made in Blondie Heaven!