My Beautiful Birthday Gift

  1. I recently posted a thread asking for suggestions of LV items I should ask for, for my 23rd birthday (9.14.07) I got many nice suggestions of handbags but I decided to not ask for anything specific and just be happy with whatever I get.

    Boy, was I surprised. :yahoo: Never would I have thought of getting these babies.

    I have dubbed my 23rd birthday my "Louis V. 23" I definitely was NOT disappointed.

    Here it is...(I also got a koala bracelet from my friend but have yet to get it in my hands because I am away at school. I'll post those pics as soon as I get it.)







  2. Those are awesome!
  3. they are cute!
  4. omg, i love those, :drool::drool:
    Enjoy them..happy birthday (late)...good luck in school.
  5. Thank You so much!
  6. Happy Birthday and Congrats on your new shoes!!
  7. Happy belated Birthday.
    Fantastic Presents!!!!!

    Are the shoes comfy?
  8. Congrats! I have the same pair of shoes as yours. They're very comfy:tup:.
  9. extremely comfortable. Ive been wearing them around my room non-stop, even in my

    I also got this wonderfull Tinkerbell card from my Twin along with Kanye West's Album. The artwork for the album was designed by Takashi Murakami!
  10. I LVOE those congrats &happy b'day!:tup:
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i love your flashy!!
  12. Ooooh I like those!!! Congrats! :tup:
  13. Very nice!
    Happy birthday and congrats!!!
  14. yummi love them
  15. Lovely, congratz~!