My beaded tote lost a bead!

  1. I got the black signature beaded tote for Christmas, and some of the beads have cracked already. I was ok with that because I thought it would happen, but today I was looking at my bag and one of the beads is missing! I went to Coach right after work, and they told me they would just offer 40% off my next purchase.

    Is this normal, or should they have sent it off to be repaired? I've been reading past threads on this subject, and it seems that people have been able to send this tote back to be repaired. Also people were offered a credit for the full price of the bag, not just 40% off the next purchase. Should I have asked for this or are all store policies different?
  2. Sorry to hear that. I've heard of a few members who had problems with the beads. Not sure if they simply can't repair it or why they didn't offer you a new bag. When did you get it? Do you have the original receipt?
  3. I would take the 40%!!! You can always go to a bead shop and try to sew it in by hand, especially if it is just one!
  4. oh btw the ppl who are offered credit usually have to part with the bags.. i would call customer service and see what they say! i ve seen that bag at macys on sale!
  5. My SIL's friend's neice had the same exact problem--they said they couldn't repair it and gave her full credit for a new bag. I thought Coach bags were guaranteed for life....

  6. I was told they had this problem under control since making the beads go the other way....guess I was sadly wrong. I wanted last years khacki and brown but hesitated for that reason...Too bad, they should just give you total credit or replace it with a new bag.
  7. fear of losing beads if what prevented me from getting this bag. It's a beautiful bag...sorry for your bad experience. Use all of your resources ,maybe they will offer you a new bag or total credit.
  8. Thanks for the input, everyone. I think I will call the 800 number today and ask them if I can get a different bag. I don't feel the same way about this bag anymore, but on the other hand, I haven't seen anything on the coach website in which I'm that interested. Maybe I should just take my 40% off my next bag purchase because they told me it could be used at any time, no time limit.
  9. I would keep the bag and try to repair it and take the 40% off your next bag purchase. There are going to be updates to the website soon - you might find something you like then. :smile:
  10. My guess is they can't keep replacing bags when ONE bead falls off. They would loose so much money if they did it that way. Because my guess is in the lifetime of that bag, you'll probably loose at least 15 beads. So if I would you, I would try and fix it myself and take their offer of 40% off another bag, at another time.
  11. When I bought my beaded tote the s/a told me if the beads come off just bring it back and they would replace it. To me that means they replace the bag or would credit the whole amount back to my account. It's important for people to report that beads are falling off so coach knows whats going on with their product and make changes as necessary.
  12. I just won one off eBay, yay! If they fall off I'm just going to buy replacements and super glue them on. There's no difference and they'll probably stay on longer than the originals.