My BE LM Mini ARRIVED!!!!!

  1. Hi Ladies, what a surprise! My light grey mini is here!!!!!!!!!

    Let's see, where do I begin? How about this, it's absolutely PERFECT!!!!

    First let me talk about size. Jackie was absolutely right, it's the perfect everyday medium sized handbag. I can't believe how worried I was that it would be too small. And I even almost cancelled my order if you can believe. LOL

    But, then Jackie reminded me of the "depth" of the mini. She explained that the dimensions might appear small, but due to it's depth it seems much large. Yes, it really does. I absolutely adore this bag. I think I might even be more excited over the mini then my large at the moment, here's why:

    I absolutely love love my LM, but, it does get a bit heavy for me anyway. I am always running around my town with the kids. And, with all that, I really appreciate a lightweight handbag. But, I"m 5'7 and larger bags I think look prettier on me, plus, I just like the overall "look" better. And even if I don't need room, I like to just have that extra space just in case.

    Anyway, the mini is probably one of the most comfortable handbags I've worn. I'm thinking the SM might be comparable as Jackie mentioned they are both about the same in terms of being lightweight.

    So, it's not only lightweight, but, it is definetely proportioned perfectly for a medium sized handbag. This handbag I would say is the perfect combination of sexy yet cute for everyday living. Contessa said it right, this is the handbag you grab when going out with the girls for coffee.

    Jackie also mentioned that she uses the mini for everyday instead of the large LM. I can totally see why now.

    Now, let's talk about color. I love the light grey with sheen. It's a very cheerful grey and one I will definetely wear year round. Once again, Jackie was right, she told me it would go with all my colors, even brown. Exactly. This is a grey that you want to wear every season.

    Contessa, again, your right. It's a completely different look then the dark grey. It's not rich looking at all in that sense. It just looks like a happy everyday grey that has a very subtle glow to it. Most people could never tell that it has a sheen. I imagine the cream with sheen is just stunning too.

    I can see why everyone would be torn on color selection. This is the type of handbag that every color will look incredible and give it a unique look. I would love one in dark grey, wine, petrol, and the list goes on!!!!!

    If anyone has more questions, please ask. I typed this review really quick.

    You ladies have to bear with me, I"m really good at providing information, but not pics. I have no clue how to post, but, I did make sure there are modeling pics in the lounge.

    Hope this info helps!!! I definetely give this style handbag 4 stars, it's another BE keeper to cherish for years!
  2. This sounds wonderful! Is there any way you can have a friend or someone help you with pics? Having some real modeling pics and seeing this color would be SOOO helpful.

    Congrats on your wonderful new bag! Very excited that you have the first one!
  3. Pictures, pictures!!!!!
  4. That is so good to know! Hmmmm....maybe I should go for the mini instead of the large LM. So much to consider! What are you able to fit in the mini?
  5. I'm SO happy for you!!!!! After reading your post, I almost felt I was there beside you in the midst of all the excitement!!!!!!

    I can't wait to see pics!!!!! Which program do you use???? If I can help in any way, let me know! You can email me all your pics, I'll crop, re-size, and post if you like.

    I've PM'd you!
  6. Hi Lovebags! Congrats! Enjoy!
    Question: Tell us about the compartments, and pockets inside. Thanks!
  7. congrats!!! it sounds like a great bag. can't wait to see the pics as i'm not familiar with this bag
  8. Congrats, I'm glad to hear you love it and thanks for the great review?

    When you get a chance to load it up and take it for a spin, let us know what you can fit in it and how it wears when you have it on for awhile. Sometimes I find out unexpected things about how easy a bag is to use (or not) after carrying it once or twice.
  9. Supposedly, the interior is the same - 2 compartments divided by a zippered compartment, the cell pocket, flat pocket and zippered pocket.

    lovebags2!!! pls get some one to help you with the pics!!! i really want to see this color in "good" lighting or outdoor lighting and worse thing, just cut and paste them into a post OR upload them to a place like flicker and post the link!!! congrats, im so happy to hear you love it!!! i love my LM but definitely need a smaller bag sometimes too :smile:
  10. Ohhhh I am sooooooo jealous! I want one now! Is it possible for us to order the mini LM is the color that you got instead of the dark grey or the chocolate? The one you got is the color in the pic that Jackie is modeling right??? I want IT!!!!
  11. Lovebags -- also, tell us about the messenger strap it came with. Is it truly messenger length -- cross body?
  12. the shimmer grey will be available at the end of the month, so there is no need to do a bespoke order for that color :smile:

    tropicalgal, lovebags2 said that she doesn't have the messenger strap yet b/c jackie didn't add that to the bag until after she placed her order :sad: i know, we're all curious too...
  13. sounds amazing! i'll help you post pics!!
  14. Can't wait to see pictures!! Modeling too if you get a chance!
  15. Ohh good! I think I might like the dark grey. That color looked so beautiful.