My BE finds of the month! And some questions for you!

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  1. Here are a few photos of my ebay find. I am loving the mottled gold leather! It is definitely thicker than the petrol and the crash leathers. I got a good deal on the bag but it was not really as stated (worn twice). The metallic finish is worn off in several places, but it is still very wearable.

    Does the finish of this leather wear off that easily? I know it would have to take more than 2 wearings! Also, the gold hardware is tarnished. How quickly does this happen?

    Overall, I am happy with the bag - for the price that is.

    I have also included a few photos of my new black crash TME midi that I got from Clutch!

    sorry for the photos - my laundry room is the only place with good light for the mottled gold! And the lighting in my dressing room is awful!

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  2. You look great with those bags! :tup: The Mottled Gold SMM is so pretty and the Black Crash TME Midi is my favorite bag. I also got mine from Clutch.

    I don't have anything in the Mottled Gold leather, so I can't help you with that. As for the gold hardware, I have two bags with gold hardware - a Chocolate TMA and a Tan SMM. I've had the TMA for a year and the SMM for 10 months and the hardware is fine on both bags. Somebody else had the same problem with the tarnished hardware, but I don't remember what she did about it.
  3. Both bags look lovely on you! I had a mottled silver bag but didn't experience the finish wearing off. I have no idea how often it was worn before I got it though it looked nearly new to me. I'd be a little disappointed that the description didn't match the condition of the bag but it honestly is a beautiful bag. I wonder if spraying it with some kind of protectant would help with future wear?

    ETA: I read that toothpaste works well on tarnished hardware too. Perhaps do a search on TPF and see if you can find more info about it.
  4. You look stunning with them! The mottled gold is so striking! I don't have anything in the mottled gold either, but I know that in general, metallic finish rubs off - I've had several metallics from different brands and they all rub. It's just the nature of the finish. But since your bag has such depth in the finish already, it probably just adds more character!
  5. Love the bags on you!

    About the gold SMM -- I would file a claim with paypal (SNAD) and see if you can get a portion of the money back from the seller.
  6. Thanks for the pictures, you look great!
    No, it certainly takes more than a couple of wearings to make the leather wear off like you describe!
    I wouls also asap file a claim!
  7. Great choices in your bags! They are so different but both look great on you. Don't you just love the TME midi? I still marvel at how comfortable the handles are!
  8. I've got a Mottled Gold I'm Yours and have worn it perhaps 5 or 6 times and there is no sign of any damage to the gold finish yet. Significant loss of finish after only 2 trips out seems a bit drastic.
  9. I would try a charge back. I have a gold SMM and i have scratched mine - but it took more than a couple of wears. Please don't treat the gold - because it's mottled it is a coated leather. i would patch test very carefully and ask Jackies advice. I tried to treat mine and soon realised i was taking off the mottled bit of the gold effect.whatever i used weakened it and thats where i have my scratch.
    apart from my stupidity, my SMM has no signs of wear and the gold hasn't peeled off. so i would contact seller because condition of yours isn't as described ( i read that listing)
    also have re-read your post about the tarnished hardware. none of my gold hardware is tarnished
  10. Thank you all - it did seem extremely unlikely for 2 times to be the case. There is wear on the edges, a spot in lower front of the bag, and the handles. Also, the lining is dirty around the opening. I did email the seller to tell her that her description was not accurate and she held to her story. The listing had only a few photos and none really close up. I will email her about a partial refund.

    I was really worried about how this finish would wear as I have a MMS midi ordered in the mottled gold! Happy to hear that it should be okay!

    I am so surprised at how much I like the SM style - when I first saw the BE photos of the SM I thought the shape a bit odd! Now I really like it!

    The TME is a great style, especially for the crash leathers since it is so simple.
  11. Was the bag meant to be new to the seller or did she wear it 2 times and someone else wore it more?
  12. no - i think most people on the forum know the history of the bag ownership and the previous owner to the ebay seller did not wear it.

    the bag doesn't sound worn twice to me. :sad:
  13. Wow, Sandy you look amazing with your bags!! (you look great anyway, so you're starting off well!)
    I know NOTHING about the gold, but I've found that most people seem to exaggerate the lack of use of their bags. I just received a choco crash TME with gold HW from Ebay where the seller said it'd been worn for one weekend, but it was SUPER smooshy and obviously had been worn more than that.

    The other thing is that I'd purchased a choco crash (gold HW)Hug Me from the BE website and the HW came to me somewhat tarnished.

    Personally, I'd like the BE hardware to be of higher quality. I understand that it's lightweight and that's great, but I wish it looked to be of higher quality, if not actually being higher quality. Several other unnamed belenistas agree with me, but it'd be interesting to see where you all land on this issue; however I don't want to start a riot or be shunned.:sad:
  14. The bags look great on you!:yes: And it's nice to see the SMM find a loving home.
    Maybe if you're able to take a few detailed pics of the wear etc. and send them to the seller to show her what you mean, she could perhaps come up with a reasonable solution?
  15. ^^thank you!!

    I emailed the seller and explained the situation. I paid $300 for the bag, what do you think would be a fair amount to make up for the defects?

    I will let you know what happens. Previously I did let her know that it is best to accurately describe the bag. She also was selling a pewter TME - does anyone know who purchased that bag? The photos of that one did not look great.

    Jenny - I agree about the hardware, especially the gold. It is a bit bright especially if the bag has alot of hardware like the Love Me.