My BE arrived today!!!!

  1. Well, my chocolate casual bag arrived!!!!! Wow, that's all I can say about. The color is absolutely amazing. I think this bag should have been called stroke me too. It's lightweight, big, slouchy and all the things I love in a everyday handbag.

    I've been wearing my black crash love me for weeks now and it was becoming a little heavy some days. This is just what I needed. Perfect. I can't even think of one negative comment about this bag. My girlfriend went nuts over it the minute she noticed it.

    I do hope Jackie brings this type of leather back because it's not the same as the Stroke Me or Love Me leathers. It's glossy, yet, matte.

    I know that someone bought the apple green on this forum, I'd love to hear your feedback too.
  2. congrats!!! can't wait to see some pictures of your new lovely!
  3. Love to see your pics soon. Congrats!
  4. That's a BEAUTIFUL bag, congrats!!!:tup:
  5. Thanks ladies!

    There's pictures of it under BE Post Your Pictures.
  6. Dollyrusso got the green apple one. I can't wait to see pics either.
  7. Are there going to be pics soon? Please!
  8. If you go under BE post your pictures thread, and then look for CityChris. She posted pictures of the chocolate casual bag, I have that exact one. The picture looks great, but, doesn't even come close to how gorgeous this handbag is. The leather is unbelievable.

    I almost didn't buy this bag on the sale, because it looks too structured. But, then Jackie told me that it's very large and slouchy. It completely collapses. You'd never know that from the picture though.

    I"m going to email Jackie and see if theres anyway to bring this leather in other styles. It's so soft.

    I can't wait to see pics of the apple green too..... I also bought this style in the matte aqua for summer.
  9. You are on a roll lovebags! You go girl!
  10. Thanks Tropicalgal,

    Yes, It's all about finding my favorite styles and then I just stay with them for years. I am very fussy on the styles I choose, that's why when I find one I absolutely love, I"m known to buy more then one color.

    Your right though, I"m on a roll here with BE. It feels great to finally find a designer that gives me exactly what I want in a handbag re leather quality, colors, customer service and more....

    Here's my thoughts, I am still loving my LM, no doubt about that. But, since it does tend to get heavy when filled, I"m going to use it more for travel and weekends.

    During the week, the take me away is just like Jackie mentioned, the "perfect mommy" bag. It's quite large. It fits everything I've been carrying in my LM beautifully. I guess, I love the looks of a large bag because I'm 5'7, but don't really need all the space per se. I do like having extra space just in case though, you just never know when you'll need it.

    Then, when my petrol and wine sm's arrive next month, I think they will be nice to rotate with the tma for everyday.

    I think now I have all my bases covered with BE handbags. I can't imagine needing anymore, right?

    Unless, I find a new style from 08. I"m not too hopeful on that one because Jackie mentioned the 08 styles are more structured. Maybe she'll design more slouchy ones like the LM, SM and TMA?

    Right now I don't see any other styles on the website that are calling me. I thought maybe the hold me might be a cute little tote for summer. I'd know for sure, if I could see a modeling picture. Maybe I'll email Jackie and see if she could send me one of the hm. If it's slouchy and not too too plain, that might be adorable for a hot summer day when I want to travel "extra" light. Looking forward to the sale in January.

    Maybe we could start a new thread on what is everyone waiting for in the sale? I think I"ll watch for a hold me, if after getting some more info it sounds good.
  11. Love the pics of that chocolate bag! Wow--I'm going to have to stay away from these other pics because it makes me want another BE, and I need to just enjoy my LM for awhile...

    Big congrats!
  12. Thanks Tejasmama. Yes, I can relate.

    I think looking at all the gorgeous pics of BE on this PF is what originally got me into so much trouble. Now, 5 BE handbags and 1 angel purse later, I"m still going strong. Thank goodness for the sample sale and the one coming up next month, that's all I can say!!!!!
  13. Do you happen to have any real life pictures of your black crash LM? Any modeling shots even? I am absolutely lusting after this bag and wanted to get as much info on it as I could... I know you mentioned its a little heavy when you wear it often. Kinda curious just how heavy it might be...I cannot do heavy bags. I just love the look of the black crash LM though and think I need one. ;)
  14. :lol::lol::lol:
  15. Hi glamourgirl - if you do a search for the Love Me thread, there are some awesome modeling pics of the black crash LM. I think once you see these pictures, just like I did, you'll get right on the phone and order.

    The LM can get a little heavy if you wear it every day like I was doing. I couldn't help it, the LM was just too gorgeous not to wear daily. But, then once my TMA arrived, now I have another equally as gorgeous handbag, so I rotate.

    Here's my thoughts, I think you should definetely try the black crash LM. I have a feeling you'll just love it. But, I wouldn't use it daily. You have your other stunning BE handbag thats lighter, so rotate.

    Another wonderful option for you would be to buy a Stroke Me later. Then, you'll be like me and have all your bases covered: Travel, weekend and everyday.

    I"m sorry, I hope you don't think I"m enabling here too much. But, like TropicalGal once told me, you asked, I answered! LOL