My B'day Pressie from my DH!

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo:

    One of the best birthday present from my DH. My 35cm Blue Jean Togo & Palladium Birkin! It's finally arrived yesterday.

    This is my first birkin! :yahoo: Sharing with you ladies..:love:
    DSC06270.JPG DSC06271.JPG DSC06272.JPG DSC06273.JPG
  2. CONGRATULATIONS~~:yahoo: What a beautiful Birkin! You have a great hubby!
  3. Congratulations!! Beautiful Birkin and gorgeous color!!
  4. WOW!!!! Great Birkin and color, this one is so casual, can go almost with anything.

    Your a very lucky girl!
  5. Wow!! So pretty - what a great hubby! Congrats...
  6. Enjoy.... and happy birthday heres to many more (birthdays and birkins!!!! )You wll find that bag hard to beat i have her sister...:smile:
  7. WOW! WOW! WOW! WOWZA!!!!!! She's a beauty, Londondolly and what a wonderful DH you have! Congratulations and wear her in good health and OFTEN!!!!!

    and yet ANOTHER addition to our list this week!!!!!
  8. :yahoo: :yahoo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    Beautiful, congrats!
  9. Thank U, ladies! :girlsigh:

    Just wondering, do u gals wear the bag with the keys/clochette? or leave that at home? How should u hang that on the bag? It looks very long to me!
  10. CONGRATULATIONS! I actually put the lock on the other end of the strap so that way it's not as long b/c the lock's on one end and the clochette's on the other. I think I have photos of it as such in the member's items section.
  11. Congrats!! it's yummy!!!!!! you look great with it! Happy Bday!!!!!:drinkup::party::drinks:
  12. WOW!!!! It's gorgeous! High-Five to your dh for a fantastic birthday present!!
  13. Happpy Birthday! What a great looking BJ Birkin!!

    I usually lock my straps leaving the top flap tucked inside the bag and then put the clochette strap & keys underneath the locked strap so it stays put.

    I don't usually use the lock at all but, rather, attach a charm to the clochette....kind of string it along the little leather piece until if falls on top of the clochette.
  14. Don't u just l :heart: ve BJ color?!! I have it in a 35 Clemence and love it to bits!!!! My favorite color and signature Hermes i think.... U have an amazing husband and knowing it's from him will make u cherish the bag even more :love:
  15. Congratulations! I love your new bag. :drool: Its beautiful!!!! Enjoy her!! :yahoo: :yahoo: