my bday outfit!!

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  1. i'm celebrating my 24th in vegas this weekend :graucho: and FINALLY found my outfit. i got a phillip lim rossette dress but in the green pf the 2nd pic below. i also got the fontanete in taupe but can't decide between the fontanete and these NPs. pleeeease help me make a decision! :yahoo::heart:

    pics from NAP, nordstrom, and saks.

    Attached Files:

  2. I say the last shoe definetely
  3. love the dress!
    my vote is for the first pair, the dress already has a lot of detailing on it so i think the shoes should be keopt more simple! happy birthday!!

  4. I agree, geat combo
  5. ^^ita
  6. I say the second shoe, but both would look great!
  7. I got the same dress too :graucho: .. I prefer the sand NP better.

    and Happy Birthday!
  8. I will go with the first pair! Gorgeous shoe with a neutral color -- they wouldn't steal the attention from your dress! Happy birthday in advance!!!
  9. I would go with the NPs - just so the dress is the complete star of the show ;)

  10. I agree! Happy Birthday - enjoy your time in Vegas!!!!:tup:
  11. beautiful dress. I think the Vp's but either would work. Have a wonderful time.
  12. i like both but i think i like the fontenete better.
  13. Np!!!!

  14. ITA! Love the dress, btw! Have fun!
  15. Fashion, your outfit is going to be amazing regardless of which shoes you choose. But I prefer the NPs over the fontanetes. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!