my bday loot :)

  1. just want to share with you ladies the stuffs i got for my 26th bday:heart: :yahoo:

    how nice it is to see flowers and a big orange paper bag beside your bed on your bday....LOL

  2. OMG!!!!! More pics - more pics!
  3. oooh show us show us!
  4. Exciting!!!! I have to go now.....:sad: ....I am going to miss the reveal
  5. inside are: tohu bohu twilly...a white clic clac bracelet...and....



  6. ahhhhhhhhh more pics please!!!
  7. omg omg omg more!!

    ps love the stuff already!
  8. rose...dont go it is!!!!!

    the newest member of my little hermes family:

    35cm BOX (yummy!) Bi-color Birkin in Raisin and Cyclamen w/ PH:yahoo: :heart:

  9. side view:

  10. interior:

  11. wow, congrats!! :biggrin:
  12. PS: thanks ladies for letting me share my bday loot:heart: :smile:
  13. Congratulations! I love the flowers, such a romantic touch.
  14. Congrats and Happy, Happy Birthday!!!
  15. Gorgeous! :drinkup:

    :party: :party: