My bday is this Sunday and I feel like I should ask for a LV, BUT what?

  1. I am so undecided on what I would ask for from LV right now since there isn't anything that I am dying to have. Can you suggest something (that isn't too $$$)?

    I have a Damier Speedy 25, Mono Speedy 30, Fuschia Reade PM and a Mono Wapity. I have been eyeing a black MC Wapity, a wallet (not sure which one), a PH, a BV and a Hudson GM. Feel free to suggest another item.

    Thank you.
  2. I think you need a shoulder bag in your collection, you don't seem to have any......The PH is a good one....a wallet would be nice too, but I think you need a shoulder bag and then go for a wallet and another accessory......I would do a vernis or an epi wallet in framboise or noisette (vernis) or red or mandarin (epi)...the noisette would go well with all your bags, the rest would go well with everything except for the fuschia (although I would def. use the mandarin or framboise in that one too..but that's just cause I like to mix crazy colors)
  3. From your suggestions, I prefer the BV - esp. since you already have 3 hand held LV's :yes: Or maybe an EPI wallet? I love the Viennois in red :love:
    Or sth. Mini Mono before they are gone :idea:
  4. PH :love:
  5. Something in epi or white MC!!! Maybe an epi pochette or an MC pochette? How about a wallet?
  6. How about a something from the Vernis line, maybe a Bedford?
    Or what about a Pap, either in Mono Canvas or Damier Canvas?
    Let us know what you deceide on?
  7. Does LV do giftcards like eluxury? That way you wouldn't have to decide right away
  8. Maybe a wallet. I love my PTI.
  9. i would say a black MC wapity & matching black MC PTI!
  10. yes, get a shoulder bag :yes:. the Popincourt Haut would be good :nuts:
  11. 0o0o0o i like the idea of the POCHETTE!!! or a WALLET!!! :wlae:
  12. AH! WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY! happy birthday to us!! i vote for the PH...those little balls are just sooooo cute!
  13. white mc speedy 30
  14. the BV! :love:
  15. PH - I know where you can get one :graucho: , lol!