My bday gift for myself (Reveal - my 4th Givenchy)

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  1. Hi all! Last week, I have celebrated my 30th birthday but I have to reserved all the actual celebration because of the lenten season. Yesterday Easter Sunday, I invited few of my closest friends for a small dinner party and today Monday is day I pick up the gift I give for myself. I have this baby reserved through phone at the Givenchy store at IFC Tower HK 3 days prior of the pick up.


    Though I love the embossed star Nightingale when they showed it to me but I have decided to go for a classic black bag and classic style. I was tempted to get a "classic" nightingale too but my Mom already got a medium one that I can use it whenever shes not using it hahaha :biggrin:

    Thank you guys for letting me to share my new baby :smile:
  2. Happy belated birthday and congrats on your lovely new bag! The leather looks so smooshy and yummy. :biggrin:
  3. Beautiful!!! The leather looks so smoothly. Hope you had a great birthday celebration!
  4. Happy Birthday. That leather is so glossy!
  5. Happy birthday dear ;)
  6. Lovely! Congratulations and have a great birthday to go with your new bag!

  7. Happy birthday! A great occasion topped off by a great bag! I just wanna touch it through the screen...
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :happydance::yahoo::Partyhat:

    What a fantastic gift for yourself. The leather looks soooooo divine. Just want to touch it! Love the HW on this gale. Gunmetal? So excited to see you wearing it.

  9. Thanks Silversun The leather is just divine I can't get enough of it. I just can caress it and smell the Leather for hours (is that sound weird hahahah) because its just so smoochy and uber soft.

    Thank you sylphfae I certainly did have awesome birthday celebration and this nightingale is the highlight :biggrin:

    Thanks Shoegal I think glossy is cause of the flash of my camera ;)
  10. Thanks Fimpage for welcoming my new bag.

    Thanks unomo :smile:

    Thank you Ellyria I always try to give myself a special bday gift :biggrin: is like my pat on the back for saying I did good job hahaha. Leather is so soft can't stop touching it hahaha

    Thanks hrhsunshine and yes its in Gunmetal hw :smile: im so thrilled to get this nightingale and the detachable strap is just perfection I can easily hook it up over my shoulder or cross-body with an ease.

    Thank you all girls for your warm Birthday Greetings! You are all so kind and sweet. Will do a Modshot soon.

    Am I crazy because I know I havent use this bag yet but my mind is already planning my next gbag hahaha
  11. Happy Birthday!!! Hope your special day brought you lots of love, joy and blessings, and that each day after brings you even more :smile:

    What style and size is it? Is it the men's nightingale? Love the look of the leather! :heart:

    Modeling pics please! Can't wait :smile:

  12. Thank you mmmilkman ;)
    My SA told its called "Biker Bag"and yes its a men's Nightingale. The leather is just ultra soft and I love love it :biggrin: the dimension is about h:38cm l:37cm and d:6.5cm. Now my next gbag hunt will be pandora in large. I am thinking of something in the shade of brown or green. Definitely will do a modpic very soon.
  13. Congrats and Happy Birthday to you!


  14. Thank you shoppingpal :smile:
  15. I love all nightingales!! I'd love this for myself too hehe! Congrats on scoring this beauty!