My Bbbbbb birthday

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  1. First, my one-of-a-kind "b" bag :smile: My sweet boys :heart: know how much I love my bals so they worked hard to be sure I got one:
    Isn't it cute? And I like all the colors :smile:

    And then my other sweet guy DB :love:, gave me this!-
    I've really wanted one and plan to use it as a keychain when I can find a dark colored keyring to attach to it. I love it, and have wanted something Poupre!

    So I opened a few more gifts, we had hugs and cake and I was content with being indulged on my day. BUT THEN...
  2. thxs cute.. happy bday
  3. The B's are too cute!
  4. Well then I got a little note. I guess I didn't notice it inside my "b" bag!
  5. Habby B-day, bgirl! :happydance:
  6. So can you decode the note? It took me a minute or two!
  7. Thank you LVPradafanatic and la6, I think they are cute too!
    Thanks REREsaurus!

    Come back for the BIG reveal! heehee
  8. i get it i get it!
  9. I feel slow, it took me a while to get it! lol oh and happy birthday
  10. Yay dustypaws and noon! So yes, DH knows where I keep my bbags in my closet, so I went RUNNING!!! And here's what I found:
    A sorbet city!! And I discovered that DH really DOES listen to my bbag obsessing because he made sure the SA searched for the most distressed bag she could find. It's fabulous. I like wrinkles :nuts: On my bags anyway.

    OMG I love it. To me, it's the PERFECT pink. I no longer have amethyst envy haha.

    Thanks for looking!
  11. Happy Birthday and Congratulations. What a beautiful bag! and what a sweet guy!
  12. ^^ how freakin' fabulous is that?!! DH gets major points! congrats!
  13. Sorbet city :drool:
  14. I don't know why I can't edit my op - but DB should be DH! I call him darlin'boy and when I write notes to him it's DB so I made a mistake. ANYway, silly, but he's more than a boyfriend lol!
  15. CONGRATS and Happy Bday!! :party:
    Love your BBBBB bag! lol That was super sweet of your guy! I would faint if mine surprised me with a new Bbag!!:faint:
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