My Bbag-family got a new BABY :-))))

  1. I'd like to introduce and to share with you: the new BABY on my collection '05 TURQUOISE mini twiggy, arrived today . . . and I already felt in love :heart: :love: !!! Isn't it sweet :yahoo: ?
    115-1516.pf_IMG.jpg 114-1499.pf_IMG.jpg 115-1504.pf_IMG.jpg 115-1508.pf_IMG.jpg 115-1515.pf_IMG.jpg
  2. Congrats! It's beautiful!! I love the colour! Big hugs, hun!
  3. Oh it's gorgeous! The colour is stunning! =)
  4. Love it! Mini Twiggy is so cute!
  5. beaUuUuUuutifUuUuUul!! :flowers:
    and with ur third outfit (i love it).. it looks gorgeos on u :nuts:
    congraaaAaaaAaaaAts!! :yahoo:
  6. Oh my word! I absolutely adore that color and size! Oh and did I mention how much i love the leather too? Lucky girl :smile:
  7. It looks absolutely gorgeous on you "I"!!!! Congrats!! :love:
  8. It's really beautiful, congrats, i love the mini twiggy!!!isn't very cute? you look nice:yahoo:
  9. :heart: Wow what a cutie!:heart:
  10. I really love it first :love: :love: . Congratulations. You look beautiful with or without the mini t ;)
  11. So cute!!! LOVE the color!
  12. OMG - you're sooooo sweet :tender: :love: thank you all for the compliments:

    Tanja, Dancing_Queen, winterpearls, vanilla.... , mammab, fashion_junky 'L', lovelv, HandbagA.... , myriam.... , girlsgottoshop :smile:

    L:heart: VE YOU !
  13. congrats :biggrin:
  14. OMG!!! The bag is soooooooooo beautiful and so are you!!!!:heart: ENJOY!!!!:yahoo:
  15. Whoa:nuts: whoa:nuts: whoa:nuts:
    Such cute little sweetie pie!!!:nuts::love:
    Absolutely Gorgeous with a capital G!!!:heart:
    Congrats firstclass1:yahoo:
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