My BBag Family -- FINALLY the photos!

  1. I sprained my knee today, so I cancelled my afternoon clients and took some pix, which I've threatened to do EVERY TIME I've bought a bag. Now it's done.

    These were all taken with a flash and the colors are pretty true. I wanted to take sunlight photos, but the sun went down (go figure!) and I don't know when I'll have my Mom's camera again...

    And of course, when I was taking the individual photos I wasn't paying too much attention to my mischeivious little cat...I just saw him playing with something on the floor that looked shockingly like...about 4 inches of Marron tassel! Curses, kitty! I'll have to get some of that flexible leather glue.

    Drumroll, please...

    Family Photo:

    In order of acquisition...
    06 Marron First

    06 Rouille Twiggy

    06 Greige First

    05 Olive Day

    06 Ink Oval Clutch

    07 Anthracity
  2. Lovely and beautiful bags, high gloss! :love: Have any pics of your naughty kitty as well? :biggrin:
  3. OMG!!! I LOVE THEM!! I think your anthracity is TDF! I would sooo buy one if they were avaliable here in Norway!
  4. I should have taken one with the tassel hanging out of is mouth! LOL

    I'll see if he's up for a glam shot when he finishes his dinner...
  5. Your collection is amazing I absolutely love your rouille twiggy!
  6. Wow, Would love a balenciaga collection like that!!!! Absolutely love the 06 ink oval clutch, would love to et my hands on one of them!!!
  7. What a great collection! Unique colors all! Especially :heart: your oval clutch.
  8. Thank you!

    L_B, a lovely PFer, was kind enough to let go of that bag, and Nanaz, another super-lovely PFer, was responsible for the Olive Day. A complete stranger who broke up with her boyfriend and couldn't bear to look at the bag he bought her, sold me the Rouille Twiggy on eBay. The rest were store-bought.
  9. Hope your knee gets better soon!!! (Sleepy now, forgot to say..)
  10. Thanks for sharing your collection highgloss! Love it!
  11. Great Pictures and a Lovely Collection
  12. lovely collection highgloss!!:heart: the clutch:yes:
  13. I love your Twiggy...!

    Lovely collection! Thanks for sharing
  14. nice collection!
  15. Wow! Fabulous collection! Hope your knee feels better soon too!;)