my bbag collection

  1. Hi everyone! I'm a newbie to this forum, I can't believe I've been a forever bbag owner and never knew about this forum! Well, i'm glad I joined.

    Here are some photos of my bbag collection (missing is my black city which my roomie is using today & i'm currently waiting at home for my Courier to arrive in the mail!)

    It would be really great if you could help me identify them. The green city with GGH I got in december of '06, the blue GSH in july of '07 and the light green one with RH was purchased I can't even remember how many years ago, it's really torn up (but I like 'em that way). I believe its the same one that MaryKate Olsen has... a light green color. I don't know the official names so any help identifying them would be great.

    Thanks all!
    IMG_0347.jpg IMG_0448.jpg IMG_0450.jpg
  2. Hi - love your bags!

    Vert D'eau 07
    Ocean (FW 07)
    Vert Gazon (FW 07)
    Pistachio (FW 04)

    Welcome to the Forum!

    there is a reference section here where you can look at them by color, year, etc. which you might find helpful!
  3. welcome to the forum! you have such a lovely collection :tup:
  4. Welcome, your collection is very nice!
  5. welcome to the forum! your ocean is simply stunning - thanks for sharing your collection!
  6. Welcome to TPF!! Thank you for sharing pics of your beautiful collection!! I especially love your Vert d'eau!!
  7. Thank you so much all! I found this forum last week and am addicted!!!
  8. Welcome!!!!!! Love new people around here!! Great collection!
  9. great collection!
  10. Welcome to TPF and great bags!!!
  11. Welcome to tPF :smile:
    I love your pistachio :heart: awesome color and so rare!
  12. welcome and great collection! pistachio is highly coveted around here. :tup:
  13. wow lovely collection, especially love the pistachio!!!
  14. wow i am absolutely lusting over your Vert Gazon!! and i am usually not a fan GGH!
  15. wow--esp. love ur vert d'eau ggh brief! How adorable is that! Love ur whole collection though... Welcome to the bal subforum-- u have a WHOLE LOT to catch up on get comfy, browse, and post away! You can begin by putting pics of ur individual bbags in the various clubs they belong to...for example, the giant hardware club, etc.