my bbag collection *UPDATED*!!!

  1. Hi everyone! I'm a newbie to this forum, I can't believe I've been a forever bbag owner and never knew about this forum! Well, i'm glad I joined.

    Here are some photos of my bbag collection (missing is my black city which my roomie is using today & i'm currently waiting at home for my Courier to arrive in the mail!)

    It would be really great if you could help me identify them. The green city with GGH I got in december of '06, the blue GSH in july of '07 and the light green one with RH was purchased I can't even remember how many years ago, it's really torn up (but I like 'em that way). I believe its the same one that MaryKate Olsen has... a light green color. I don't know the official names so any help identifying them would be great.

    *update* I just received the EXTRA COURIER in black in the mail today and I JUST returned from Barney's in Beverly Hills and purchased this beautiful clutch!!
    IMG_0451.jpg IMG_0453.jpg IMG_0454.jpg IMG_0455.jpg IMG_0448.jpg
  2. Congrats on the clutch! Did Barney's get anything exciting in? :graucho:
  3. congrats!!! awesome collection!
  4. They had (from what I can remember):

    1. City RH
    ivory/creme color?
    light blue
    light pink
    electric blue

    2. FIRST RH
    same colors as above

    3. GGH CITY
    electric blue
    pine green
    drk brown

    4. GSH CITY
  5. Your bbags are gorgeous! I love all your black's - black bbags are my favorite :yes:

    I think your blue is o7 Ocean cause it looks alot like my Ocean and that's the exact time I got mine :yes: and your green (which is freakin' gorgeous, btw) looks like Emerald.

    But it would be really nice if another tPF-er could say for sure if those guesses are right cause I'm not 100% sure - esp. on the green, but I can't think of any other green that came out in 06 :confused1:

    Your light green sounds like it might be Pistachio :drool: Do you have a pic!?
  6. Beautiful collection! :tup:
  7. Nice diverse collection!! cOngrats on your new additions~!:tup:
  8. here are pics!!!
    IMG_0460.jpg IMG_0450.jpg
  9. ^Definitely looks like Pistachio!! :drool: It's soooo beautifully broken-in! And I love your little striped shorts :p
  10. Thank you!!! That was my first bbag ever and I can't even remember how long ago I got it. It's sooo torn up, there is a pen mark on the back and just very worn in, I even cut the tassles shorter because they were ripping! I love it though! I like your first pictured in your icon!:tup:

  11. ^Dirtied up bbags are the best IMO :p Your Pistachio has alot of character :yes:

    And thank-you... that is a Vert D'eau First :yes: It looks a little bit like Pistachio IRL :p
  12. I love your bags and congrats on the new clutch! Question - did they have the Giant Clutch in any other colors?
  13. omg a pistachio city!!!!
    love your two GH cities too!
  14. yes!

    they had it in a white/ivory/natural?, red, and yellow (juane)

  15. Congrats! Love your collection! I think I want a clutch like that! Definitely looks great in black. And VG and pistachio are so gorgeous!!!