My Bbag collection, small but slowly growing!

  1. Just thought I'd share my pride and joys with you. Very top: blanc paddy middle: 06' ink city left front: 05' indigo twiggy right: 05' apple city, YUMMY!:love: :biggrin:
  2. OOOooooo, ooooooo, Ink City is my choice! If you find you don't use it enough, please offer it to me!!!! :love:
  3. Oh thanks:shame: I'll be keeping it for ever. I just got it 2 day ago and Im in love with it. The color is amazing!:nuts:
  4. Wow... i love your colors!!! Now you need something in the red-ish family!!! ;)
  5. Yes, the Ink is GORGEOUS! Congratulations!!! :nuts:
  6. Sigh.... apple green city... :love: The indigo twiggy is a stunner, too!
  7. Oh, I meant to tell you, I ordered my bag from Bal NY. They still had a couple left if you are interrested:biggrin:
  8. Ha!:lol: I was thinking the same thing, but I dont think I have hardly anything in my wardrobe to go with red:sad:
  9. Ooooooooh - those are not only each individually gorgeous bags, they look so very pretty photographed like that together! Something about the shades of blue, apple green and the Blanc Paddy........ amazing. It's like which one is more beautiful - Indigo? Ink? Apple? :amuse:

    So glad you decided to keep them both - enjoy them all!
  10. :idea: That's what I think so too...
  11. woo hoo!!! awesome collection so far!!!! thanks so much for sharing!!!!!!
  12. OMG! I am just loving your new avatar and pics! You have one hell of a collection! *DROOL*
  13. Who cares LOL :nuts: I have an 05 rouge city coming (courtesy of AmourN20) and I plan to wear it as a neutral. Red is my weakness! :lol::lol: Your collection is TDF!!!!
  14. I love them! the ink is really pretty.
  15. OMG They look great together!! You know what would go with that collection, I nice eggplant b-bag....blues, purples and greens go lovely together!!