My bbabies have arrived...Granat Work and Vert Fonce Part Time SGH

  1. So here they are :yahoo:: (Can I have some feedback?....I LOVE the vert fonce Pt it's everything I hoped for, it's so soft and beautiful, the leather is just FINE, smooshy, perfectly was :heart: at first sight. Now the Granat's great, Kim picked out fabulous leather. My intellectual side's a great discrete bag that goes with anything. It's in the red family, I wanted a red bag. (Eventually, I do want a true red bag that pops.) It's a color I wanted when I first found bbags. But, with all that wasn't gaga at first site. It was more a "nice". Could it be that getting two bags in at once took away the gaga from granat? I imagine if the granat work came alone...I'd be more "wow". So...hmmm is this normal? So my question is: do I go with the "gaga factor" or the more reasonable "intellect factor" on the granat work? :confused1:
  2. WOWZA! GORGEOUS! The leather on both of them is amazing!
  3. I can't read to the right of the screen, the words and the 1st pic got chopped off but from what I can see they look nice.

    I really like to the look of the leather on that vert fonce! from what I can see....
  4. great bags!! congrats, the leather on both are amazing!
  5. I love your VF.:tup: I personally prefer RT but then again it is your decision. If you are not too crazy about it then don't keep it. I am sure you will find one some day that will make you go WOW.:yes::heart:
  6. I'm viewing the thread and it's veiwing funny (pictures cut off, verbage too) it my browser or did I do something wrong?
  7. Can't read the entire post either, but I am loving both the bags!! :yahoo: C O N G R A T S !!
  8. I agree with Karen.:yes: I can't see the whole thing.:sad:
  9. LOVE the vert fonce PT!!!
  10. Pics fixed...

    Serious gorgy leather blessings... congrats!
  11. Congrats! They're both gorgeous. I love the grenat work!
  12. Now that I have seen your post fixed and what you said, I would say that you will eventually go with the one that you LOVE instantly. I have learnt that if I just think 'oh, that's quite nice' without the 'OMG woowwwwww. I LOVE it!!!' then its over for the 'nice' one.

    Your gut reaction alone tells you. I ended up returning my grenat work last week for that very reason. I think it was fueled by my wanting a red work so bad that I got side tracked and started to see grenat as one that I should check out. I'm glad that I did though because I know its not the red that I want. I've seen reds that make me go 'wow, now that's a nice red!' and I don't get honest 100% wow feeling with grenat (this is just my personal opinion).

    Like others here have said and have been through the same that we have, for something that costs over $1K you really should be saying 'wow.'
  13. *Absolutely* 2nd what karenab said.
  14. I looove them both! Definitely a great choice!!!
  15. ^^^ITA w/karen. :yes:
    Blessings, both bags are gorgeous :heart:, but if you are not feeling the grenat, pls. don't feel like you have to settle.
    Since the grenat is also a conservative color, maybe you're ready for your red that pops?
    Do you think you'd like the tomato?