My Bayswater has arrived!

  1. The oak Bayswater I ordered from the Shepton Mallet outlet was delivered at lunchtime today.

    I've had a quick look over it, but I had to get back to work. I don't know why it was sent to the outlet - it looks perfect to me so far. No scratches on the leather. All 4 brass feet are there, plus the clochette, padlock and keys.

    It's just as good as oak Bayswaters I've seen in Liberty and Selfridges, if not better.

    I am thrilled. I will post pics when I get home from work later :yahoo:
  2. Congratulations on your new bag!
  3. Yay :happydance::yahoo:

    Can't WAIT to see pics. Bet you're dying to get back home to it now. I'm sure it's in much better condition than the ones in my local John Lewis/Fenwicks that are handled (and scratched) by every random that's passing.

    Maybe it came straight from one of the Mulberry stores to try and make way for the new Autumn/Winter stock. Or maybe it was a return. Either way, it was probably only handled with respect hence the perfect condition. What a fab bargain!

    And wait till you see how good the oak looks against blue jeans :wlae: it's like the perfect colour combination.

    My bronze baby is due to be delivered tomorrow :graucho:
  4. Thanks ladies. I am indeed dying to get home to my new baby!

    dita, you MUST post pics when it arrives. I'm excited for you!

    I am so surprised by the condition and how supple the leather feels. I'm going to give it a spray with Collonil tonight, to make sure it's protected from the beginning.
  5. :yahoo: Congrats! Good to hear everything was right with the bag, waiting for pics!!
  6. I'm so glad! I know some people turn their nose up at the factory shop but I've never been able to find anything wrong with the bags I've bought from them. Congratulations on your new Bayswater. Looking forward to the pics.
  7. Good girl, you get that patina coming along nicely :yes:

    I'll post pics tomorrow evening, hopefully, assuming Bronzie turns up tomorrow (how sad, naming my bag... I only tend to do that to annoy DH - "where are your keys" "have you looked in Joni?" :roflmfao:)
  8. Do people really turn their nose up at the factory shop? :confused1: Good - more stock left for the rest of us to choose from!
  9. Oh they sure do. I've had comments about it as if it's sad that I buy from there. How misguided are they!
    I'll always try the factory shop before I buy a Mulberry - I'm after a Somerset tote at the moment - because their bags are such brilliant bargains.
    I reckon I'd have trouble paying full price for one now!!
  10. Do they really? I can't understand why. It makes sense to save money - why pay the full amount when you can get the same thing for a reduction. I haven't paid full price for any of my Mulberry bags.
  11. congratulations - glad it arrived and in fab condition. can't wait to see piccies. I phoned again today but still no chocolate bayswaters!
  12. agirlinwinter, are you home yet? Dying to see pics! :drool:

    Congrats on the purchase :yahoo:
  13. I am but the battery in my camera has died :cursing: I am charging it now...
  14. Congratulations.
  15. Here we go:
    IMG_1945.JPG IMG_1948.JPG IMG_1949.JPG