My Bayswater Double Zip Tote

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  1. I'm starting a new job soon and wanted a "grown up" bag that could hold a laptop. So here she is, my brand new Bayswater Double Zip tote!

    I included a bunch of pics so you can see her with my DH's 13" macbook pro as well as with the tote handles adjusted to be able to carry her on my shoulder (which I don't think I'll do.) Those are pics 5 - 7.

    Now I just have to pray they don't give me a 15" laptop. One thing that is interesting is that the sides adjust. I showed a close up of that so you could see the straps. (3rd picture down.) They are really hard to pull out though so I might have to wait until DH gets home and get him to do it.

    She fits a computer, sizable makeup bag and wallet, and a sunglasses case easily.

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  2. Beautiful! Quick arrival from RueLaLa - enjoy! Looks like it holds lots of good work stuff.
  3. Yes it actually feels kind of empty without the laptop (although much lighter.)
  4. Looks great - and the photos are very helpful/ dangerous for those of us trying to convince ourselves that we don't need another bag :graucho::rolleyes:
  5. Gorgeous! Really love it.
  6. She's absolutely gorgeous, renee - congratulations! Definitely the one bag I keep looking at these days! The adjustable handles sound useful, if you want the versatility of a tote/shoulder bag.

    Fab purchase - very grown up with oodles of style and class! Carry her in good health!
  7. Fabulous - very grown up! I rather fancy one of those.......
  8. Oh wiaow wiaow she is so beautiful! Love the strap across the body, so lovely. Congrats!! :smile:
  9. Looks great, thanks for the pics :smile:
  10. This is the one bag I'm tempted by at the moment. Seems like a proper grownup's bag. Looks great.
  11. Love it!
  12. Lovely bag!
  13. Congratulations Renee on your new job and gorgeous bays DZ tote!
  14. Congrats, what a perfect work bag. Stylish, feminine and roomy - can't get any better!
  15. Perfect choice! Looks great on you - :balloon: you don't need to worry about any weather, it's really bomb proof leather!!