My Bays are here...Modelling pics!

  1. So mr. fedex arrived and I almost wanted to give him hug....

    may I present my quilted bay bags.....
    cream.JPG noir.JPG
  2. I glad they arrived safely!! They look great on you!
  3. Oh yay, i'm so glad you'e got them now! They look fab, one light and one dark, they will go with everything! Amazing!
  4. :nuts: They are gorgeus! I am so in love with the bay. Congrats on two new great bags:tup:
  5. Woo hoo! I'm sure the Fedex man wouldn't have minded hug!
  6. Looks great, Mona!
  7. Wow! The bag looks so good on you!
  8. Great bags, congrats, glad you got them today after your day yesterday....enjoy!! They look great on you!!:yes:
  9. Mona look how drop dead these purses look with your coats! Beutiful! Are you going to keep these?
  10. Well I definitley can't return them to LVR....I like them because the colours are soo nuetral and go with everything in my wardrobe....and I am all set with browns with my ava and front pocket paddy.
  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!! I so love your coats too. Congrats on those beauties Mona!
  12. They look totally beautiful on you! I would thinbk you'd want to hang on to them!
  13. Your bays are beautiful... i love your coats, as well... Enjoy them to the most!
  14. beautiful!! :love: i lust after this bag by the minute!!

    it's quite big. i'm petite...maybe this would not be the ideal bag for me!
  15. Beautiful bags & they look terrific on you. Glad you finally got them! Enjoy & wear them with pride.