My battled 'bow'

  1. Hi folks, I have been using my bow satchel on & off for the past few mths (since bought last OCt) and meanwhile, the strap has been doubled up as a handle for shoulder carrying. I always carried it on my shoulder with the halved straps.

    Recently I noticed some splitting of the leather (exactly where the strap was halved).. as well as at some parts of the bag..(pix below, more to come later as my cam is charging for battery) I have called up the store and they told me to bring it back for their inspection & perhaps to send it for servicing. Should i do that or is this a common fault for yours as well? (due to wear & tear) Please advise if u too face this prob! Thanks!:yes:
  2. Hi, i m new here. It looks rather bad. I guess u shld bring it back to miu miu for servicing, after all, you've paid so much for the bag.
  3. Splitting is common and will eventually happen over time. But yes, it can be fixed!

    I have tiny splits on my new bow ALREADY. The calf leather is so fragile...I have a bad feeling that the corners will eventually get rubbed out.

    However, my regular leather guy says that splits and rubbing are very common due to the way the leather is sealed at the seams. He suggested using a sealant for pre-treatment but it should be done by a professional.

    I also know some people who use a tiny bit of clear nail varnish to seal tiny splits and cracks. I don't dare to though.

    In your case, please take the bow to Miu Miu! I'm sure that they can repair it!
  4. Oh no, its quite bad:sad: Better bring it back for repair. Keep us posted.
  5. I think so too. My Miu Miu is starting to crack/split a little as well. :sad:
  6. Thanks for your input! Infact, I'm abit lazy to go down to the store coz i doubt the bag will fall apart since those seams will kinda protect the splits from further damage. Hmm..let's see how it goes.. and as linpaddy said, splits will happen eventually.. but my Coffer is still very hardy, good as new..perhaps is lambskin..hee
  7. Immediatly after I read this post, I looked over at my new bow that I recieved YESTERDAY and realized, IT HAS A SPLIT on the edge... this is so sad =(

    How do I get it repaired and how long?
  8. OMG! That looks terrible! That shouldn't happen to such an expensive bag. At the very least, they need to fix it for free. I'd take it in immediately!
  9. go back to store ASAP..:yes:
  10. I would notify the company or store ASAP.

    This would anger me to no extent....good quality leather should never split......unless you took scissors or a knife to it. This is totally unacceptable.

    I would return it ASAP.
  11. i have the same problem with my bow..i've had it for 2 weeks!
    what should i do? i bought it at Saks....the nearest MIU MIU store is pretty far away...
    i'll call Saks tomorrow to see what they can do!
  12. Call SAKs!!! I called in the morning and they said they'd take the bag I have now and give me a new one IF THEY CAN FIND ONE.

    I'm thinking about returning the bag if the new bag has the same problems :sad:
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    Should this be done before or after the cracks start to appear?
  14. littlemunchkinx - it is recommend that you do a sealant prior to the cracks appearing.. but I been too lazy to do so.. hee.. anyway, I have since sold off my old bow and last month i gotten the new bow in Astro!
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    ^ I just saw your astro thread and the colour is beautiful!