my batignolles..

  1. im so paranoid to start using it! i haven't used monogram for like a year...that it feels weird not using anything that's damier :crybaby:..

    don't get me wrong, i love the batignolles...sprayed it with wilson's and left it overnight to's just so beautiful when it's brand new that im afraid to use it!!

    give me some courage...please :graucho:
  2. Go for it Rensky like ripping off a band aid don't think about just fill that baby up and head outdoors!!
  3. ^^ :roflmfao:
  4. You won't regret using it, it is a great all-purpose bag, not too much vachetta. I've had mine a year and am not careful with it and it still looks pretty good!

    Post pix when you finally take it out and about!!!
  5. use it!!! :yahoo: Such a beautiful bag, you need to enjoy it!!! :heart:
  6. Go for it!! No point in having such a gorgeous bag quarantined in the closet!
  7. Use it -- it needs to be loved by the world...
  8. yes, it has been camping in its sleeping (dust)bag and i am so eager to take it out, yet so scared!

    i dont know what's wrong with me..this is the first bag that i havent rushed into using!
  9. I know how you feel. I do the same thing in that I almost don't want to use the bag becuase of the vachetta. Once it gets a little patina I always feel better using it, maybe not so paranoid. When it's brandy new, I always think somethings gonna ruin that new vachetta!
  10. congrats!
  11. Use it and enjoy it that is why you bought it.
  12. im feeling the same way about my new BH. lol, so afraid to take it out.
  13. This is one of THE most durable and useful bags in the entire line IMO. My BH is my daily tote for school and I carry anything and everything in it.
    Use it, that's what it's meant for!
  14. Do it! Take a leap and enjoy:dothewave:
  15. use it!