My Bastia coin purse arrived today!

  1. Thanks for all your help, ladies! I decided I needed something in Rose Shocking and here it is!

    (Note to self - NO MORE ACCESSORIES! I could have had my Bolide by now:p )


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  2. so pretty!
  3. Cute, congrats!
  4. It's so gorgeous, :drool: :heart:!!! I love this little coin purse. You'll have to let me know if it proves to be as useful as it looks to be. Congratulations on completing your rainbow of accessories.
  5. What a lovely POP of colour. CONGRATS!
  6. A...

    That is gorgeous!...and most of us have croc birkin's worth of H accessories, scarves, shoes, etc in our closet!!!
  7. Speak for yourself! :rolleyes:
  8. What a sweet coin purse! Congratulations on your baby to come!:tender:
  9. YAY, that is so cute! I think this may be what my SA was trying to describe to me today! It was hilarious.
  10. Congratulations! I ahve one in Vert anis and love it.

    If you have a chance to get the Bastia embossed, where would you do it?
  11. She's as cute as a button- congrats!
  12. Thanks everyone! I just couldn't fill my Bearn up with coins (I use parking meters daily) and stretch the coin area. This looks like it will definitely fit the bill!

    Oh, and thank you Toonie! We are sooo excited! Can't believe I'll finally be in the 2nd trimester next week!:yahoo:
  13. How cute!:heart:
  14. Super pretty! I love the colour, congratulations!
  15. Congratz.............. may i ask how much is it?