My Barneys haul - CL Mouche, Jil Sander & Pierre Hardy Wedges

  1. I found all these at the Barneys 3rd markdown sale - I couldn't believe that I found the Louboutin Mouche although they are not really my size. I generally wear a size 9 in this style but with a pad in the front and back, they are actually ok. I figured that for the price I paid, I couldn't leave them at the store. They look amazing on, it is such an amazing shoe.
    I also got the Pierre Hardy wedges in the leopard print which I have heard are very comfy. And the shoes that I am most excited are about are the Jil Sander python wedges, they are so funky and out there! I love them!! And they look great on. These wedges were also available in black patent leather, but I went with the lime green python. I hope they are not too much!! Enjoy the photos!
  2. And the Jil Sander wedges....
  3. Nice loot...I am so in love with those Pierre Hardy Wedges! They are so gorgeous.
  4. Love the Mouche! Could you tell me how much it is at Barneys? Any chance you will model it? I have wide feet, and was hesitant in getting it because I'm not sure how the delicate fabric would look on wide feet.
  5. Kamillaaaa!!!!!
    I LOVE the Mouche! And am dying to have those green Jil Sanders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Modeling photos of the CL Mouche, they are one full size too big on me but I am going to make them work somehow.
  7. Stinas, check out Barneys in NYC, they still had them this past weekend. What size are you? I will tell you if I saw them.
  8. I love all of them:smile:
  9. Those python wedges are :tup: I love that they are so unique. I wouldn't be able to pay full price for them though. That's why I can't wait until Barney's opens in San Francisco in September! I hope I find great deals during the next sale season like you have.
  10. Kamilla, you did some damage today! Love all of your purchases! :supacool:
  11. OMG, nice buys! We need a barney's!
  12. LavenderIce - I love the python wedges, the green ones are awesome, I am still debating about the blue ones. But for $270 a pair, I couldn't pass them up.
    Ashakes - yes, I was bad today. And the BG second mark down starts tomorrow. I hope not to cause any more damage.
    Thanks for the nice words everyone!
  13. oh man...all of them are hot, hot, hot!
  14. I never have time to get into the city in time :crybaby:
    Im a 39-39.5
  15. If there was a bowing down smiley, I would be doing that right now. I love them all. The wedges are amazing. Time to head over to Barneys.