my barneys bev hills report

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  1. i went to Barneys yesterday to just have a quick look-see at what's in.
    some of the things i saw (from my fading memory!):

    black: first, city, box, work and others
    ink: box, work
    rouge vif: first and city
    grenat: hobo and city
    beige/cement: first, city, work, weekender, oval
    truffle: work, weekender, oval
    sapin/forest green: first, city
    i believe they also had some rouille bags in the display case but i didn't pay close attention. :shame:

    all the cements and truffles were out on the tables. the rest of the bags were in the glass display cases)

    -the truffle is a lovely deep brownish color almost like marron, but i think marron is a bit richer. perfect for work.
    -grenat was really beautiful in real life! :heart:it was very similar to bordeaux but with a slight more reddish tint to it. certainly my favorite color of the current season. if you call to ask about it, the SA refers to it as "cranberry", so just a heads up so you don't run into confusion (like my "bread box").
    -rouge vif is a really bright lipstick red. i tend to like bluer reds like the previous rouge from 05, so this wasn't up my alley. i thought it was a bit too crayola (jmho!)
    -cement/beige: very interesting neutral. true to its name, it totally looks like light wet clay or a cement sidewalk to me. extremely versatile! :yes:
    -sapin/forest green. looked a bit flat to me personally without the tonal depth that other colors had.

    as for the leather, i felt the one on the black box as that's what i'm currently considering getting. it was still a bit shiny but not nearly as bad as some of the spring 06 leather i've seen. i could still feel the thinness of the leather though. it was nothing like 04 leather and earlier. SA kept saying the shine would go away with time, etc... but i'm in no rush to get a bag that isn't just right. plus, i have to sell a bag first in order to buy! :P

    sorry for the long report! i had a lot to say.:blush:
  2. Thanks - I'm suprised that they still have ink bags in stock!
  3. Thanks for the report, jennifer! :flowers: How was the leather on the Rouge Vif City bags? Was it thick and smooshy or thin, veiny, and crackly?

    The Truffle sounds gorgeous!
  4. pupsterpurse, i didn't feel the rouge vif bags as they were in the display case. one rouge bag did look thicker than the other bags since the rouges tended to also be less shiny (as compared to truffle, etc)
  5. Finally- someone got a rouge vif city bags in! Maybe I'll call my local Barney's now!:graucho:
  6. Did they look veiny or marbly at all? TIA, jennifer! :flowers:
  7. pupster, the ones i saw were the least veiny/marbly of all the other colors. hope that helps!
  8. Oooh, yes! :yes: Thanks so much, jennifer! :flowers:
  9. jennifer- did you check out the black bags? If so, how was the leather on those? Thanks!
  10. PUP- aren't you getting a rouge vif city from BalNY?
  11. Yuppers! :yes: I just wanted to see if the Rouge Cities had the same gorgeous texture as the works and firsts that have already hit the stores. :graucho:
  12. PUP- I have a good feeling the rouge vif are all good- fingers crossed!
  13. zacorey, at the bottom, i wrote about feeling the black box. the leather on that was better than earlier s/s 06 bags but still had some veins and marbling... it was also still thinner than previous leather (05 and earlier). i didn't feel any of the other black bags as i already had a twiggy and first both with great leather.
  14. Thanks Jen!!!
  15. Oooh! I think and hope you are right! :yes: Fingers crossed over here, just in case!;)