My Bargain $40 Croisette patent leather flats!


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Oct 7, 2006
I was browsing eBay a little while ago and I saw a pair of greatly abused Croisette flats for sale. Honestly I don't know how people cannot take care of such expensive shoes!

Anyway, these flats currently retail for about $600, so I was really apprehensive about the low price, even though the shoes didn't come with a dustbag or box. But I had them authenticated here (of course) and they're the real deal!

I guess no one wanted to take a chance on these cute flats, because I was the only bidder. When they arrived in the mail I was horrified -- the seller sent them in a mailing envelope with no padding! :nogood: I probably shouldn't have been surprised, based on their condition.

I took them to my favorite cobbler in San Francisco, and $35 later, with new red soles and black heels, they are (almost) as good as new!



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Jan 25, 2012
I'm with you. Why anyone would abuse such expensive shoes is beyond me! I'm so picky about mine I won't even wear them if there is a cloud in the sky, much less if it's raining!:smile:


Sep 10, 2008
Congrats on such great bargain! I have done this many times - bought some pretty abbused CLs including some ballerina flats for about $25, VPs for £60 to name a few and gave them makeovers! Makes me feel great about not spending much and helping to give a pair of CLs a new life:smile: