My Bare Minerals makeup seems to disappear off my face w/in 20 min.. what gives??

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  1. I feel like I put on a generous amount of bare essentials mineral foundation and swirl it in, then I add some of the bronzer and my own blush. Within 20 minutes or so, maybe an hour on some days, it looks as if my makeup has completely disappeared! I am not running around in the heat or anything, just walking around doing normal things in my house.

    I asked my SO the other day if it looked like I needed to redo my makeup and he told me it had looked like I had on makeup when he came home but it was gone by the time we were getting ready to leave... (I had just put makeup on before he arrived.)

    Maybe I am somehow not using enough although I look nicely made up when I put it on...
  2. Have you used a primer (or at least a moisturizer) and setting powder?
  3. Are you using a primer of any sort?
  4. haha, must have posted at the same time, LittleMsPerfect :P
  5. In addition to primer, do you buff it on or just sweep it on? I get better results by buffing on a small amount of foundation for about 30 - 60 seconds on each side of my face.
  6. I buff it in. I do use primer sometimes but I am never sure how much of it to use.
  7. Thats why I stopped using the bareminerals. I am trying to use up what I have left on days when I don't need as much coverage, but on days when I need better coverage I stick with a liquid foundation.
  8. Well, you do not need a lot of primer, just enough to lightly cover your entire face. I found the Monistat anti-chafing gel to be a good primer for this stuff but honestly, like Heath-kkf said, I am kind of just trying to use what I can to be done with BM. I have a love - hate relationship with the stuff.
  9. What type of brush are you using? Different brushes provide different types of coverage. I use the full flawless brush by bare minerals. Bare minerals is the only foundation that I use. I also wanted to add - are you using the regular or the matte foundation? I use the original foundation.
  10. I tend to have a similar problem. It will last for several hours but not my entire work day. I don't use a primer so I will try that. I got a sample of the Smashbox primer recently so I'll try that tomorrow and see how it works. I was just afraid of it clogging my pores.
  11. Are you using the Matte foundation? I noticed it tends to last longer on me.

    Oh, and I also use a setting powder
  12. I gave up on it for the same reason. I used the primer too but I was finding I was using more than I had to just to get the coverage. The brushes are bothering me too because the bristles are falling out and even after washing them every week they still were feeling pokey.
  13. I've used baremineral for 5+ years and last year it wasn't giving me that same effects that it once did, so I switched over to Laura Mercier's Mineral foundation and so far so good. I have a feeling foundation is like skin care and shampoo, you have to switch it around a bit cause your skin gets to use to it.
  14. I found my chin getting a bit shiny a few hours after applying my BE, but i saw a tutorial on Youtube and the lady mixed her primer and BE together in a little bowl then applied it with a kabuki, i tried it today and it not only gives amazing coverage but stayed put all day, i will definatley be using this technique to apply my BE every day.
  15. The primer as in the liquid stuff that comes with the kit?