My ban's not going so well... how's yours?

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  1. Oops, I was trying to be on a ban until January of next year... but I went shopping with a friend this weekend and got a Louis Vuitton trunks & bags mini pochette, a Coach Carly bag... and then after thinking about it all weekend, went back to Bloomingdales on Monday and picked up a Tokidoki. (not to mention now I think I'm getting hooked on Tokidoki):wtf:

    How's your ban going? Do they work for you?
  2. Mine's not going so well either. I'm on a waiting list for one of the new F/W Bbags when they come out in a few weeks. :graucho:
  3. bans aren't the greatest. especially if they're a long ban like till JAN? woooh. don't think i could ever do that. i mean, don't be too hard on yourself, we all slip up just a little sometimes. you should make your ban a little shorter... ;)
  4. A-freakin-men! Baby steps....just take baby steps! ;)
  5. Just broke mine yesterday... though I'll admit, it slowed me down! And that's important, too.

    I need to go back on it, though, preferably until the Fall. Guess I'd better change my signature.
  6. Purse ban? Ban purses? Dear God. And the fall lines aren't even out yet ... I'm sick, it's a sickness, it's nothing that can be recovered from, except to buy what makes you happy. It's cheaper than therapy. But I don't have a therapist! Sheesh.
  7. Broke mine too. Guess I'm on an expensive bag ban but if I see something cheap or that's a really good deal seems false economy not to grab it while you can! That's my excuse anyway!!
  8. Erm....well since my 'ban' was enforced I have bought 2 koobas:shame:..

    Well I didnt really buy them because I sold 4 bags on ebay to compensate and Im currently auctioning another.

    But Im trying to stay strong....:lol:
  9. Mine's shot to pieces too. I was trying to go for a year without a bag purchase and since then I've bought two Miu Mius and one Prada. Funny though, since that splurge I don't feel the need for any new bags so perhaps I can stick to a ban from now.....
  10. I've never been on a ban before, but now I'm on a financially imposed ban as my bag habit has got rather out of control! I've bought 5 pricey bags in 6 months and have no money left! :crybaby: I have a job I love, which I am really grateful for, but the field I work in doesn't pay high-end-bag-supporting wages...and I don't have anything I want to sell so I guess I'll just have to sit back and enjoy the bags I have for a while!


  11. You on a ban???!?!??!?! :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Im only on a purse ban because im saving up for a Nintendo DS Lite :yahoo:
  12. Mine is going terribly, but I just found all these deals that I couldn't resist. But now I HAVE to wait until F/W.
  13. I'm doing better than I thought I would. I bought my last bag in March and promissed myself I'd carry it all summer and not get a new bag til Fall. So far so good, although when I saw all those gorgeous Tanos I almost broke down and ordered :girlsigh:
  14. Uhm... yeah - I tried a ban once and I ended up buying 2 bbags & 1 MJ bag in the same week... Apparently they do not work well for me....

  15. Well i'm on a husband imposed ban :ban:Untill I qualify next year. I jusst bought a Chloe Paddington and a few months before that a Mulberry Roxanne so I'm hoping that these two ladies will carry me through untill then.