My Bandeau as a belt...(would look better with a cuter outfit...but oh well)


Feb 15, 2007
anyways...i was getting upset that i always want all these bandeaus and never ever use the one i i had no idea what to wear, i seriously need to go shopping. anyways...this would look cute with like a tight pencil skirt and a collared shirt or something like that, but this is what i wore still looks cute even though it has potential to look cuter...

that;s gorgeous! i've always been hesitant to buy one because i don't think i'll have enough ways to use it so thanks for posting this! gives me a push to buy one. :smile:
^^ haha thats my hilary duff hair working there. lmao.

i went out to dinner (just ruby tuesdays...) after this pic. i had a 15oz steak, baked potato, salad bar, 2 drinks, and cheese fries...on the ride home...i had to take off the scarf. LMAO! i hadnt eaten all day cause BF was out so...yeah.too much in to short or a time!