My Bandeau as a belt...(would look better with a cuter outfit...but oh well)

  1. anyways...i was getting upset that i always want all these bandeaus and never ever use the one i i had no idea what to wear, i seriously need to go shopping. anyways...this would look cute with like a tight pencil skirt and a collared shirt or something like that, but this is what i wore still looks cute even though it has potential to look cuter...

  2. and it looks cute with the little bow in the back! it sits right under the cropped shirt i was wearing.
  3. I love it. You made me want one now lol.
  4. Which bandeau is that btw?
  5. Wow, that looks great and I would have never thought to wear it like that! Thanks for sharing your pics.
  6. WOW I never thought of wearing it that way!! It looks soooo cute!
  7. Super cute idea. Now I need to get a bandeau and lose weight!
  8. that;s gorgeous! i've always been hesitant to buy one because i don't think i'll have enough ways to use it so thanks for posting this! gives me a push to buy one. :smile:
  9. you look so great!! love the idea!! luv ur inclusion bracelet too!!
  10. Looks great! I wish I was as tiny & cute as, you. the hairstyle, too.!
  11. ^^ haha thats my hilary duff hair working there. lmao.

    i went out to dinner (just ruby tuesdays...) after this pic. i had a 15oz steak, baked potato, salad bar, 2 drinks, and cheese fries...on the ride home...i had to take off the scarf. LMAO! i hadnt eaten all day cause BF was out so...yeah.too much in to short or a time!
  12. its the champs elysees (sp) bandeau in rose btw

    ill post a pic of it in a sec. love it. fav bandeau to date!
  13. That looks adorable!!!
  14. U Look gorgeous!!! The inclusion is cute too..
  15. That looks soo good! I never thought of wearing it like that!
    Thanks for the creative tip!