My ban isn't going well............

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  1. 2 boxes arrived this weekend - the first wasn't a CL but I thought I'd show you anyway as they're so pretty. Check out my new Black & White Zanottis ;).

    2nd box was a CL, my long lusted after Orlato Pony Decolletes, also continuing the B&W theme :girlsigh:These I ordered the day b4 my ban started so they don't count (no, really they don't).

    I also have to confess that a 3rd box is winging it's way across the Atlantic as I had a bit of an impulse buy on some sapphire satin tenues on Ebay last night and I've just had an email from the Zanotti boutique in London to let me know they have sent the bright yellow and black satin peep toes I forgot I ordered. Plus I'm watching a pair of wine Rolandos on Ebay :shame:

    All in all, not a good start to a 2 month ban :Push:

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  2. Chins - love them both. I adore Zanottis. Can't wait to see the yellow and black peep toes. I'm no help with a ban (as we all know) but do love your purchases!
  3. i totally was going to say the same thing as fmd! lol. love the striped heels. wow!
  4. I LOVE those pony decolletes... I am supposed to be on a month long ban but I think I NEED 2 pairs then I will be done LOL
  5. Oooh, I love the Zanottis! And your CLs as well, of course! Congratulations!!
  6. Nice choice! Those pony decolletes look great. Enjoy them.
    Every time I see the Zanottis you have in a store, I am so tempted to try them on but somehow I always get lured in to the CL section.
  7. ^kamilla you and me both... I can't seem to stray away these days
  8. I like both of them. :tup: I'm supposed to be on a ban until the sales start. I went to NM today to return something, and of course I strayed into the CL section. Low and behold, there was the python Fontanete. :drool: In a way I was glad they didn't have my size, but now I'm so tempted to call another NM. :nuts:
  9. Yummy!! Good choices!! Bans are made to be broken:rolleyes:
  10. Gorgeous shoes.. ! :love:

    Best of luck on the ban. ;)
  11. Until next Week :lol:
  12. oo oo, I have those Zanotti's. Love them!!! The CLs are gorgeous too! Congrats!
  13. Shoe twins! :hugs:
  14. Chins, I do not think many of us here are successful with our bans. I have managed to bring my acquisitions from three pairs of CLs per month down to two. I know you have wanted the pony decollettes for a while so congrats!
  15. ^ I don't even go on a ban! I think the moment I'm on it, a second later I break it! :roflmfao: