My BAN has been tested!!!

  1. OMG, I need a hug:crybaby:. I know I've been banned but I'm still waiting on my vernis heart. I even asked to be put on the waitlist for the Azur 30 about 2 days ago. I figure that I'd be waiting atleast a month or more for it since the list is still pretty long and I still read about TPFers still waiting for theirs. Then I get the infamous call from my SA this morning.

    SA-MJ, guess what?
    SA-We got the speedy for you. Do you want it? I know you just bought 3 pieces last week.
    Me-That was fast. But I'm gonna pass this time. But I still want one.
    SA- I'll hold on to your info and when you're ready to look again, give me a call.
    Me-It is a permanent line, right?
    SA-Oh yeah, so don't worry. Just let me know when you're ready.
    Me-Thank you:crybaby: :hysteric: :crybaby: :hysteric:

    Console me. I need to know that I made the right decission. I did, right?
  2. You were right :yes: *hug*
    No need to hurry, the Azur will still be around when your ban is over.
  3. I think you did the right thing! I don't know if I would have had such will power, but GOOD JOB! ;) Whatever happened when your dh saw all your LOVELY purchases?

    She'll call again, and when she does, you'll be ready!! :yes:
  4. aw it'll come around again. i might not have been as strong as you to resist though. good for you!
  5. I think you did the right thing, indeed :yes:. The Azure Speedy will always be waiting for you.
  6. He just gave me a wince and knew.:p. But I promised to stay on the ban this time. He know better but I'm really trying this time.
  7. *hugs* you did the right thing. another one will come along.
  8. Good for you!!!! :yahoo:
  9. It will be better to purchase the Azur closer to summer.
  10. Wow good for you! Congrats on being strong! :smile:
  11. Thanks everyone. I'm starting to feel a little better now. I love my TPF family:love:
  12. Aw, that's hard to resist! But no need to be hurry. You can get it anytime.
  13. totally the right thing congrats on will power!!
  14. You have better will power than me. At least you know you can get it at a later time and will probably appreciate it more.
  15. Good for you! I think you did the right thing; it's a permanent line so it will be around when your ban ends.