My Balenciaga's...Ink Hook & Cornflower Twiggy

  1. Here are my two. Do you all let the mirror hang outside or tuck it in or just take it off and put it inside?
  2. GORGEOUS!!!! :drool: I love your Ink Hook:love: Would you mind posting some more pics of her (top, inside, etc) to get a feel for her. I am seriously thinking of getting one of these. They seem amazing.
  3. :yahoo: Congrats!!!!!!!!:yahoo: I take the mirror off and put it in the dustbag.
  4. I LOVE the Hook....I was seriously thinking of getting one a while back.

    I personally take the mirror off and put it in my dusbag.
  5. Sure. I've had the Hook awhile. I don't use it very often only because I have other bags I rotate but it is one of my fav's. Dare I say I like the Hook line better since its not seen as often. Mine is the large Arena Hook in Ink.

  6. Beautiful!!! Are there different styles of hook bags? My Mom has a white one that has a shoulder stap and it's not as boxy, much flatter. She wore that bag a couple of days ago and I am seriously trying to talk her out oof it. I LOVE that bag with the silver hardware, it's really pretty and I want it!!! BAD! lol I offered to trade her my new emerald Hobo or Ink shopper, she said maybe the shopper but she would prefer my white '04 City with silver. Uh.... no Mom....... I will take pictures of it later today. I am on a serious hunt for that bag.
  7. There are different styles. I don't remember all the names but there is a small arena hook & large arena hook. There are also a few sizes of the tote. The largest looks like the Weekender. There was a smaller tote that was very flat. I think they discontinued that one.
  8. Thank you so much for posting those pics bagsforme. That really is a STUNNING bag. It's official...I am 'hooked' on the Hook bag. OH NO:nuts:
  9. Great bags! Great colors! Congrats! I take my mirrors off my Bbags and put the mirror inside the front zippered compartment.
  10. Love your bags!! The ink and cornflower are two colors that I love!!!
  11. Where did you find that gorgeous hook bag. Is is as lightweight as the other bbags?
    I think I need it in my life very soon.
  12. The hook bags I've seen IRL have had really nice leather. I know there are several different sizes but I'm not sure about the names.
  13. Like that hook bag! Actually I love both your bags! I dont use the mirrors, they never see daylight cause they get kept in the dustbag or box.
  14. I love that Cornflower Twiggy!!! I want one soooo bad, but I'm waiting on my white Twiggy to arrive. Then....I'll think about my next purchase. I love your ink Hook too!!!!
  15. bagsforme - are you sure there is a hook bag that is smaller than yours? I remember when they first came out and don't remember seeing anything smaller...