My Balenciaga London Experience..FABULOUS!

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  1. So I finally found my way to Balenciaga London. The store is amazing! An interesting modern, contemporary space (not a huge surprise!) which I found welcoming and comfortable to shop in. The SAs were lovely, so friendly and approachable...I immediately gravitated towards the SGH bags on my left and worked my way round the store. A friendly SA Jonathan was an absolute star, he showed me all the "hidden" bags and the selection of colours and styles left me dumb struck! My initial interest was in the RH bags, they had BBGum Pink, Pale Magenta, Vert thyme, Sky Blue in nearly every style I could think of....apart from my beloved Twiggy (which I don't think they will be getting in any time soon, but they are a new store, so they might be getting them in) I also asked about the Day (which they didn't have) and was shown the SGH Hobo, which was so pretty!! It is definitely a case of asking for what you want as they have most of their stock stored away, but they are more than happy to show you what ever you are looking for and they don't rush you but let you peruse at your leisure. I can honestly say I have never felt so comfortable and at ease in a high end designer store before and I chatted to Jonathan for a while about the stock and Purse Forum! I did say that I would be reporting back here with my experience.....
    My SO and Jonathan helped me decide between the RH city and SGH hobo in Sky Blue...I ended up going for the SGH hobo and a RH coin purse! As I was paying Jonathan showed me the Matelasse in BBGum pink and it is AMAZING!! I was so happy to see that they haven't discontinued this style! They had it in Pale Magenta, Sky Blue, Vert Tyme, BBGum, in the clutch, small Matelasse, medium Matelasse and Large Matelasse! I could then see me getting carried away in the store so I paid up quickly before I could do any more damage!!:yes:

    I left the store so happy and satisfied with my purchases....I should hopefully be going to the trunk show in a few weeks, so I will report back! I would say to be patient with the SAs as they are still learning the different names/styles/colours of the bags but are very patient and willing to help. I did say to Jonathan how "us Balenciaga fans" are quite particular about the types of leather we want and that not any one bag is the same, to which he agreed! So, in time I am sure they will understand what we mean when we ask for specific things! Well, I hope this helps give everyone an idea of the new store...I won't even mention that Christian Louboutin is opening next door this Spring!! Whoops!! So that's another reason to visit!:heart: If you need to call them their number is 0207 317 4400. :heart:

    (Some pics of my goodies and also my RTT I got in the Christmas sales! Please excuse the dusty jacket!)
    SGH-Hobo-1.jpg SGH-Hobo-and-CP.jpg SGH-hobo-model.jpg SGH-RTT-model.jpg
  2. Congrats.:yahoo: Both bags are TDF.:tup:
  3. congrats on your new bags! they are lovely! do you have any idea if they will ship internationally? thanks!
  4. [​IMG]

    These photos deserve enlargement - that is just gorgeous! My DD would love that - and I love it, too!

    Thank you so much for such a comprehensive report. It is nice to hear that the Bal London store has such nice SAs. I didn't know they were still making the matelasse - I bet it looks fantastic in those colors.
  5. GORGEOUS!!! I especially love the GH Skye Blue Hobo on you!!!
  6. Congrats! It all looks fabulous, and the new store sounds promising!
  7. That is so great to hear about positive experiences with SAs! I had positive experiences in Paris too. Your bags are really gorgeous and they look great on you!!! :tup:
  8. ooohh congrats, VERY gorgeous!! I will have to stop by the store soon...oh I'm very exited!!
  9. Oh I love to hear stories like these! Thnak you so much :smile: And boy is sky blue gorgeous in SGH :drool:
  10. aww both of your bags are amazing!! wow the RTT on sale? awesome deal!! glad to finally hear of a bal SA who doesn't think all the bbags are the same!! :O
  11. Congrats, they're gorgeous!!! :smile:
  12. Absolutely stunning! It's so nice to hear you had such a great experience buying them too! Congrats!
  13. thanks for sharing your experience- nice to hear that it was such a great one! I especially love your RTT!!
  14. You made me feel I was in the store with interesting that they had no Twiggies and yet several Matelasses..thanks for sharing with us in such detail your great experience ..oooh and that BLUE SGH Hobo looks SOOO good on you..congrats and welcome home to tPF..
  15. Great story, thanks for sharing!! Your new Hobo is very pretty!