My Balenciaga - Lilac Box

  1. So like a month ago a friend, bf & I went to Barneys in nyc, and we shopped but i kept coming back to this bag. Originally I thought I'd want a twiggy, but I ended up liking the box better. And they had a bunch of colors, but the the lilac is just very me. The bag just looked cute and really fit me, and my friend and bf were such enablers telling me how much they liked it and how I should definitely get it...but still, it was hard for me to spend that much! Previously I think my most expensive was like $800 with tax, but the thing is, I've always managed to get my parents or bf to pay! But this was all me. The SA was really sweet and she was like if you totally get nervous, you can always return it in Chicago...but I bought it on a Saturday and on Sunday the tags were off and I was having too much fun carrying it around to even think about returning it! Anyway, I'm really enjoying it:love:

    Anyway, there have been some questions about the size of the box, so maybe the one of me holding it will help people picture it? I'm like 5'6" and it is lilac.
    Blue824-lilac1.jpg Blue824-lilac4.jpg Blue824-lilac2.jpg Blue824-lilac3.jpg
  2. Love it! It looks great on you! Enjoy!!!!
  3. Thanks for the pics, it's a beautiful bag :biggrin:
  4. I love that color and it looks beautiful on you.. I'm going to miss my box.
  5. What a great bag!
  6. Looks great on you Blu! Congrats!

    I had a lilac twiggy which I sold recently. I love the color. I think it's gorgeous. I had to give it up for another bag though =\.
  7. The bag is the color. Congrats!!!!
  8. I loooooooooove it, Lilac is my favorite, and it looks great on you. NOw I am tempted to hunt the same one down myself!
  9. That bag is absolutely fabulous. Congratulations.
  10. i love that bag, i think it looks very soft and cute in that color.
  11. 00o0o0o look at the cute box!!!!! totally loving it! i think the colour is great!!! congrats! and thanks for sharing!!!
  12. Beautiful!:love:
  13. Very pretty!!! Enjoy it and love it!!!!! :smile:
  14. Great choice. I love it. Congrats. PLEASE post your beautiful pics in my "Documenting Balenciaga Colors" so everyone looking for certain bags and colors can see your beauty.
  15. Very pretty colour! Congrats!