My balenciaga collection. Show yours too!

  1. Half of my balenciaga collection. The latest one is my pink cyclamen part time rgh i bought on fashionphile and my city in Harrods colour (behind my glycerine work bag ) which is exclusively sold and made Harrods in the UK.
  2. Your collection is really beautiful...thank you so much for sharing. :heart::heart::heart:
  3. Nice collection! I really like to cyclamen part time. I've been eyeing that color for a while. There's a collection thread in the clubhouse. Would you mind adding your pics there too?
  4. Beautiful collection!
  5. Lovely! I saw the Harrods exclusive in the store - it really is the perfect Harrods green ❤️
    Is that a Papyrus I see in the front row of the first photo?
  6. Yes you are right :smile: that is the payprus
  7. Congrats on your lovely Bal family...such pretty colors in your collection!
  8. what papytus is that? I am not familiar to that model. It is so pretty!
  9. Ha! I thought so. Love that colour - the perfect neutral.
    Would love to see more pictures of the Harrods green, if you have time - I can't believe I walked by and didn't snap one up!
  10. Beautiful collection!!!
  11. Gorgeous collection!!
  12. Oh my goodness Just Violet! your collection is amazing! I really how you have many colourful colours!!!
  13. Fantastic collection. :smile:

  14. Thanks :smile: i am a little addicted to bal colors :biggrin: