My Balenciaga Collection plus.....

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  1. Here it is my entire collection. (For now anyway LOL!!!):lol:
    06' Ink City
    05' Apple City
    05' Apple City
    05' Indigo Twiggy
    05' Magenta First
    04' Turquoise City

    Mono speedy 30
    White MC Porte Tresor wallet
    White MC wapity

    blanc paddy

    Dooney and Bourke: (gifts from my kiddos)
    White heart tassel tote and matching med. wallet
    White star large tassel tote and large matching wallet:heart: Enjoy!
    DSC03629.JPG DSC03632.JPG
  2. OMG get outta here!!! What a great collection!!
  3. Can ya tell I like color? LOL!!:lol: :love:
  4. gorgeous....looks like a rainbow delight....
  5. You have a fabulous collection Kimmie! That 04 Turquoise is TDF! OMG! Going nuts over here!!!
  6. AWW thanks:shame: I'll be adding a twist soon. I think a black Bbag will be just that perfect kick! :rolleyes:
  7. Hi Jillybean! Not too shabby huh? :graucho: I MUST stop!!!!:roflmfao:
  8. Gorgeous, just Gorgeous. BTW is it just me or do BBags look like they're smiling :smile:

  9. OMG! Christi I see what you mean! And these babies are just grinning ear to ear! THey must know they are in a loving home!

  10. yes the black's are classics....I just sold my black medium city.....and I am thinking of getting the black day or black shrug:biggrin:

    so I say...go for it.....You NEED the black:graucho:
  11. oh my goodness that is such a gorgeous collection!! i am drooling over your indigo twiggy :smile:
  12. :lol: Too cute! Im not sure they are smiling, but I sure am:biggrin: I have never collected anything, so for me my bag collection is so exciting:heart: ;)
  13. They look so pretty all together like that!
  14. wow, very pretty bags and so colorful! the wapity is so cute! :love:
  15. Fabulous collection!