My Balenciaga "Apple Orchard"...

  1. I got my lovely new 05 Rouge Hobo from Bal NY today. I paired it up with my other Hobo & my husband joked "it looks like you have an apple orchard". So on the left is my "granny smith" & on the right is my "red delicious" ;)

    **Also trying out the watermarking..
    DSC01016.JPG DSC01012.JPG
  2. Yum it DOES lol! The perfect pair. Congrats, makes me think of our New England fall :smile:
  3. :love: Gorgeous bags! They look beautiful next to each other :yes:
  4. acegirl, they look so scrumptious and juicy! YumYum! They're beautiful!
  5. if u ever want to get rid of the apple...u know who to reach :biggrin:
  6. love!!!!!
  7. OOOh lovely! Congrats!
  8. Yes it does! Gorgeous bags!:heart:
  9. Beautiful!
  10. oo they're lovely :smile:
  11. congrats acegirl!! who needs a magenta twiggy when you have these two????
  12. Thanks girls!:flowers:
  13. Yes, getting the Rouge made it all better :amuse: (although I still wanna kick someone..:sad: ;)
  14. Love them both! I am a huge fan of the hobo.
  15. beautiful!!! congrats!!!