My Balenciaga and Chloe collections

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  1. Hi everyone! I am new to this forum but I post often on the Fashion Spot and I just thought I would share my Balenciaga and Chloe collections with all of you. I am definitely a Balenciaga girl, I love the old leather which is why my collection does not include any of the newer bags. I also love Chloe but have decided to part with my baby paddington (it is up on ebay) so that I can purchase another b bag.

    My seafoam twiggy, pistachio first and calcaire coin purse:

    My newest addition, a 2004 turquoise city:

    My sable paddington and my jean's moyen baby paddington:
  2. Ooooh, lots of pretty colors!!!
  3. Wow! Love your bags- such wonderful colors! Thanks for posting!!!
  4. Ooh~~all those bags are so lovely for spring/summer! I LOVE the Seafoam Twiggy!
  5. So jealous of the B-bags, I'm lusting after another one :shame:

    Great collection! :love:
  6. nice collection, cute colors and i want another b bag too!
  7. :nuts: wow! look at your b-bags!!!! i totally love them!!! you're collection is so great - i totally love all the colours!!! :love: hehehe, me too, i want more more more b-bags!!
  8. Gorgeous collection! I'm so jealous! :love:
  9. Thanks everyone :shame: Balenciagas definitely are addictive! Hopefully I'll have another to add to my collection soon!
  10. Beautiful bags, such great colours for the summer!
  11. Wow, I really love the seafoam twiggy, it's gorgeous ! Can't wait to see your future acquisitions, what are you thinking of getting from the funds from selling the baby paddington off ?
  12. I :heart: your collection :smile:
  13. Very nice!! Love the color!!
  14. Cute! :biggrin:
  15. wow! what beautiful colors!

    my favorite has got to be the turquoise, so bright and so pretty!