My Balenciaga Adventure - a HUGE HOLE/TEAR in my bbag!

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  1. For those of you who saw my previous post and responded, thank you! I'm now in Sunny Singapore but guess what? When I stepped off the plane, I found a HUGE HOLE/TEAR on the lower right corner on the seams:crybaby: :shrugs: In my panic, I literally ran all the way to the Balenciaga store located at the Hilton where Dee Dee (one of the most helpful SAs I've encountered) pointed out that I could

    1) Send it to Paris to re-do the seams (but it'll be faster for me to arrange for that when I'm back in New York) **Does anyone know how much that would cost?** OR

    2) Pay a visit to Balencaiga's one trusted cobbler in Singapore.

    Of course, I chose the latter and the cobbler, the nicest one I've met thus far and heactually managed to mend it!!!!! :yahoo: Well, not exactly make the hole disappear but he sort of closed it up and made it less noticeable. The reason why I'm posting this is that I learned something quite important from him - he told me that my cafe city was "way too heavy" and it was as it I were "carrying gold bars" :smile: Now, as funny as that sounds, it made me realize that I'd to be really careful about how I stuff my bbag. I carry my nano, sunglass case, wallet, organizer, The Economist, digi cam and umbrealla at all times! But it seems like it addded up to quite a bit of weight. The cobbler also pointed out that since Balenciaga chooses the best and finest leather, and with no chemical process to it, I'd to treat it "more delicately". The heavier it is, the faster the wear and tear.
  2. Oh! Thanks for the info.! I'm glad you were able to get your bag fixed!
  3. I'm so relieved that you were able to get it fixed! Now you can enjoy yourself:smile:
    I wonder how I'm sending my B-Bags to their early demise...I carry waaaay more than that in my bags all the time. But I guess not for long periods of time, only to work (where I unpack half of it) and then home...
    I also wonder if GH bags will wear faster due to the extra weight, or if the extra weight is insignificant...
  4. ^Hmmm... I wonder if it does.
    But I am glad all turned out well for you!
  5. So here's the pic of the mended it just looks like a circle but when I first saw it, it was literally a large empty hole :wtf: wish I took one of the original tear...
    Hole1.JPG Hole2.JPG
  6. You poor girl! Thanks for the reminder about weight - my DH mentions not overstuffing - he doesn't think it looks good nor is it good for one shoulder to be so overloaded.

    Maybe that's why Nicole R. was photographed travelling with 2 cities - on her, they look like weekenders. You obviously need a weekender!

    I wonder if you caught your bag on some part of the airplane seat - you know, how they have those metal parts underneath sometimes? I think that's how I messed up my Twiggy.

    At least, you arrived safely and learned how to cope with a Balenciaga emergency. Have a great trip!

    Keep us posted!
  7. Wow, that's good to know! I carry my life in my bags, so now I will be more careful....
  8. Glad that the hole was mended....i do agreed that we shld take note on the stuffs that we carry on the different style of bbag, try not to oversize the bag if possible.....only carry necessary items that is needed......:greengrin: :greengrin:
  9. Welcome back to the currently-not-very-sunny Singapore! (LOL, it is POURING where I am)! Glad to hear you got your Bbag mended.. I would have freaked to see that tear! :sweatdrop:
  10. I'm happy to know that you got your bbag fix. :yes: Thanks for the reminder to not overload your City. I need to keep that in mind!! :p
  11. So glad it's been mended, my heart leapt as I read what had happened! I regularly carry far too many things, but I have to say since acquiring my first, I have been forced to streamline which has done me a world of good!
  12. glad it works great for you. congrats...
  13. 0o0 i'm so glad that your b-bag got fixed up!!! :wlae: hmm, i'll think twice before i pack my b-bag each day! I ALWAYS carry so much stuff! :blush:
    Have a great time! :wlae:
  14. hmm.. it made me think if i should take my PT back to new zealand... i think i will be too stressed. the last time i travelled with a nice bag i was almost hysterical when the guy at the airport just pushed and dumped my bag on one of those icky x-ray machines... dragged through all those yuckh and crushed with all the other collapsing bags on the other side. luckily nothing happened.

    do you mind the cobbler's name...? :smile:
  15. Thanks for letting us now....
    Glad you can fix your bag