My Bal only came with a receipt?

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  1. Is this normal? I ordered from the Melrose store. I just see some auctions where people have all this paperwork and all mine came with was a receipt. Thanks!
  2. Did you check all the pockets of your bag for the cards?

    Perhaps the SA forgot to put them in with the bag? Definitely ask your SA.

    Hope you find them!
  3. Yes, definitely check all pockets. When I got mine from, all the cards were put in the inside pocket. But if for some reason the cards are missing, I say exchange the bag for another one.
  4. I bought it earlier this month and it was the last one in the country :sad:.
  5. They may have forgotten to include them. Have you tried contacting them? Since it was the last one in the country, mind telling us what color/style? :graucho:
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    You definitely want the paperwork (white paper tags, hanging tag) because if you ever want/need to sell it, the buyer will want that. Plus if you ever need to prove it's authentic, that will help. Call them and tell them to send asap; that is just inexcusable that they did not include these key documents, as much money as Bal charges for these bags! A receipt can be easily faked, but you need the original tags. Let us know how it goes.
  7. I found them!!!! They were in the inside pocket. I thought I looked there but I guess not. Phewf! Thanks for all the help.
  8. Yay! So glad you found the cards!
  9. lol! yay. :tup:
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