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  1. ha i found that too
  2. that's really weird. :worried: what's the point of posting bags that are not yours? maybe she thought we would fall in love with her "bags" and beg to throw money at her for them. we may be bag freaks here but we're not dumb :evil:
  3. and did you notice she spelled "viva" wrong in her username?
  4. nice collection ifthey are actually yours....
  5. the balenciaga also appears to be fake. i've never seen any white balenciaga with slightly dark edges. and the leather doesn't look right.

    just sayin'. don't mind me...
  6. So...either this girl is "babycool" from or she stole pictures from her that was posted over 2 years ago! (this one is a private post, you have to be a member of the group to see it)

    Too bad babycool was a thief/scammer:

    Oh, and might I add that the Chloe Python photo can also be found in the LJ of "orientalbarbie"...which is locked and only viewable to friends (Jenny and I can see this because for some reason, the girl added us as friends on LJ). So I have no idea how this girl got ahold of the photos...unless she is also orientalbarbie.
  7. man, I really want to bring macros into this forum, but I really don't want to be mean. Actually, I kind of do, because people kind of ask for it. if this woman really owns a collection that exceeds the GDP of Bolivia, then more power to her, but if she's just posting loads of 'borrowed' images to impress us or get money or whatever, then that's about the lamest most pathetic thing of all time.
  8. I noticed that and posted in the first page...but i didn't want to say anything...those cambons are super fakes!!

    no need to be a poseur, we'd still be just as nice if you didn't have any of these!~
    this user must have an account with lol
  9. Yeah it hought they were fakes too.. i dont liek to be the ***** though :smile:
  10. I'm almost certain that orientalbarbie posted these pictures once in the h_l community, as I remember seeing them. But maybe I'm just crazy since I can't seem to find it in the calendar either. :wacko:
  11. I can't believe this, and I feel like a fool! If this is what it looks like, we need to block the fake people from coming to this forum. So sad and desperate! Or just pure evil!:evil:
  12. Fake people suck!!!! I just can't understand why someone would do this. From my point of view everyone in this community is nice, supportive and not judgemental. I don't get why people have to lie and make up stuff! Did the op think we would like them better just because they "have" an impressive collection? Or did they do it just to jerk us around?

    **end rant**
  13. Wow. Nice work ladies! Nailed.

    I'm not exactly "angry" about this, more amused by how pathetic it is.

    The internet is a funny place.
  14. GOOD JOB MELLO YELLO JEN!!! This makes me angry. :evil: VLAD YOU MUST DO SOMETHING! Thanks in advance!
  15. Here cometh the official statement by me.

    When I saw the thread submitted to the Bag Showcase, it seemed a little fishy to me, too. Inconsistency of quality and watermarking, and bag quality as well. I let it pass because I believed that there might have been some explanation for it - heck, I believe in giving the benefit of the doubt. But now it's time to step in and do soemthing about it.

    But taken that it's been pretty much proven that this particular poster has taken the images from another site and tried to pass them off as her own, I deleted the images and will lock this thread. Sorry about the drama ladies, we are trying to keep the place clean and drama free (we can all get along in most cases ;)) but sometimes there's just gonna be the black sheep spoiling the herd.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.