My Bags

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  1. :nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts: << that was my initial reaction.

    i am so jealous! they're all fabulous!!
  2. WOW! amazing collection. i love everything! my fav is the python silverado too! and the white chanel. (=
  3. OMG! I want those Eye Miss You bags!!! GREAT COLLECTION!!!
  4. My goodness! What a beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing! It's really lovely!
  5. I have sold several already.. that was stupid though.. i regretted.. :sad:
    i'm gonna get more.. haha.. my husband never says anything..
  6. I am sobbing.......such beauty!!!

    I want to be you when I grow up! :smile:

  7. haha... i'm in fact very young...
  8. Gorgeous collection :smile:
  9. In The First Picture What Kind Of Bag Is The Brown Monogram Canvas, I Have Never Seen It, Is It Authentic?
  10. PS: Fivalasvegas, were you ever on handbag_fetish of
  11. So gorgeous!
  12. You've picked out such beautiful colors for your bags. I love your collection!
  13. I'm just going to be blunt and say I smell something fishy, and it's not what's cooking in the kitchen.

    I have a question, why are all your purses displayed on different backgrounds?

    Fine, make that two questions. How did you manage to get the watermark out of the Chloe python pictures because I know the girl whose husband got that bag for her and my, what a surprise, she happened to take the same exact pictures!

    There are a lot of other things I noticed as well...
  14. mmmhmmm.
  15. wow.
    well, i have to say that as far as i'm concerned everyone could be lying here about the bags.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.