My Bags

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  1. Very nice! :biggrin: Beautiful suhali pieces!
  2. I love that green and white bag!! Love your tweed chanel!! and love your LV Josephine.. that's the only LV I'd ever buy...

    Nice collection!
  3. WOW, nice collection.:nuts:
  4. Breath taking and absolutely stunning!
    I love the photography with the soft colors and flowers. It really emphasized the beauty of these pieces!

    Just curious as to how much the Chloe Python Silverado would normally cost. I havent been able to find one! Many Thanks. =)
  5. Amazing, stunning, gorgeous... Beyond that, I'm speechless!
  6. Wonderful collection. Awesome!
  7. Your collection is absolutely breathtaking! I'm soooooo jealous. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Blown away!

    Make sure you put your sales items on 'the Market place' once you've decided which one to sell. In scuh condition, I am sure they would sell very well.
  9. CHLOE - The leather medium size paddington retails for $1500.00. There's one with exotic leathers that retails around $7K. As for silverado, there're 2 types: one is leather skin, the other one is python skin. The leather is usually around $1500-2000ish. As for Python, they range around $2250-$2800. The ebay sellers are selling way overpriced ;)
  10. I had a hard time deciding to buy the Josephine because i do not like the monogram much. I love my Suhali, there is nothing on it that you can tell unless you know bags. There are some bags are just way toooo Louis Vuitton you know.
  11. The White and Green is called Capri Domani. It is actually a new brand name/designer in Asia. I think soon it will spread all over the world...
    Both the tote and the shoulder bag - I love my Capri Domani
  12. Wow, your collection is unbelievable! And that Chloe Python looks fabulous! I really need to buy myself more handbags...
  13. Nice collection! You're almost like star3777! Ha!:biggrin:
  14. your collection is to die for!
  15. I'm in awe... I hope my collection will be somewhat close to yours someday. Love all the limited LVs!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.