My Bags

  1. here are some of my bags!
    nothing special, but i love 'em.

    the dior is a little blurry..
    picture01.jpg picture02.jpg picture03.jpg
  2. Nice collection, JJ! I love the Chanel cambon pochette :love:
  3. love the dior in the first pic on the top left!!!
  4. Nice bags! I like your selection of Gucci's and Diors, and of course the Damier Papillon. :love:
  5. 0o0o0o LOVE the DIOR (double saddle???) thanks for sharing!!!!
  6. I love your Damier Papillion! It's beautiful!
  7. i love your cambon pochette! and everything else :biggrin:
  8. thanks guys :shame:
  9. ohhh i have never seen a white/black cambon pochette "in real life" before (actually I've never met anyone online who got it in that combo online) and i LOVE it.

    you have a marvelous collection, such classic and great pieces!
  10. Love love the Guccis :love:

    Wonderful collection JJ!
  11. Nice collection! Thank you for showing them
  12. Great collection of bags - :smile:
  13. Wow, I really like the Cambon pochette and the damier papilion. Just out of curiousity, is there any particular reason why you have mostly black bags ?
  14. well, i love bags, but they are not the only thing i spend a lot of money on. i buy shoes and other accessories, clothes, jewelry,..etc and all this stuff is mostly designer too. so i do not have much money left to spend on bags, i buy one or two every year. so when i finally buy a bag, i want it to be a classic and it should go with everything, since i don't buy so many purses. i wouldn't want to shell out a lot of $$ for a bag i only wear once every two months. black goes with everything. and i wear a lot of black.i wanna wear my bags whenever i feel like doing so, and not only when it matches my outfit. i wear my girly dior like once a year and i feel like it's such a waste. so, yeah..i hope that made sense :smile:
  15. i understand you...i have a deep love for manolo's shoes and i but at least 3 pairs a month :love: and i even love choo and louboutin.
    and i have a passion for wathces and jewellery, but mostly watches.
    the bags are the last things i buy:lol: